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2013 Cross-strait postgraduate forum of quantum material science held

Peking University, Sep. 25, 2013: 2013 Cross-strait postgraduate forum of quantum material science was held during September 27th-29th. More than 40 professors and graduates from universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and National Taiwan University attended the forum.



The forum commenced with the greeting speech by Professor Gong Qihuang, deputy Dean of the School of Physics. He gave a brief introduction about the history of the school and extended warm welcome to all the guests present. Gong also attached great importance to the communication among students from three places, encouraging them to pursue academic excellence.


During the forum, distinguished professors presented their current research findings, which were followed by the oral reports and poster display about the research of graduates. The session provided an opportunity for young students to exchange the ideas and carry out collaborations with their professors and peers. In the end, five students won the excellent report awards, and the other five for excellent posters.



Zhu Yuxuan, a student representative from National Taiwan University, expressed his gratitude to the organizer and wished to enhance inter-university friendship in the future at his final speech on the closing ceremony. As Professor Wang Yugang put it, “this forum created opportunities for idea exchanges and international collaborations, enabling students to work together productively in the area of material physics.”


Background Info:

School of Physics will celebrate its100th anniversary on October 19th. As a significant part of the festivities, this forum was sponsored by Graduate School of Peking University and School of Physics, to boost the communication of students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.


Written by: Zheng Ye

Edited by: Li Wenrui

Source: PKU News (Chinese)