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A Discussion with President Wang Enge on Growing Pains

Peking University, March 26, 2014: "It is the comprehensive capability that we should strive to gain instead of knowledge itself." PKU President Wang Enge said in a discussion with students in the first session of "Professor Symposium" held on March 25th in Guanghua School of Management.

"The comprehensive capability cannot be taught by teachers, but obtained by our own observation and communication with teachers and classmates." Professor Wang shared his thoughts on growing pains and provided students with his solutions, combining his own experience of life and study.

Professor Wang in a discussion with students

In the discussion, he stressed on the enrichment of the mind and the importance of liberal education which enabled students to explore different fields. He encouraged students to read more classics and reflect more often as the philosophy entailed in the books could benefit them even after graduation. What is equally significant is to learn through discussion with classmates and teachers, as he said. It is the comprehensive capability and quality that we should strive to gain instead of knowledge itself.

As for the career development, Professor Wang, with his own experience of career changing, pointed out that career target could be shifted constantly. "The journey of life is full of ups and downs. Do not try to set your future in advance." said Professor Wang, "Seize the day, and the future is sure to be open wide."

Professor Wang also shared his views on science research and overseas studying. "It is a long road to conquer the science problems ahead. For the science research, intelligence can never serve as the cure-all medicine, while persistence is a necessity." "You may study aboard to explore a world unfamiliar and exchange minds with students around the world."

In the end of the symposium, President Wang wrote "Life is so beautiful!" for students, wishing them the best.

Professor Wang and students present at the symposium

"Professor Symposium" is a brand activity initiated by the Office of Student Affairs where well-known professors share their life experience with students and explore scientific spirit and humanities. Please follow the official WeChat "Assistant of Students in PKU" for the latest information about the symposium.

Written by: He Lingqi
Edited by: Zhu Wenjia
Source: PKU News (Chinese)