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2013-14 You Bring Charm to the World awarding ceremony held

Peking University, April 1, 2014: On the evening of March 29th, You Bring Charm to the World Award Ceremony o2013-2014 was held at Peking University Hall. Organized by the Phoenix New Media, the special awards grant honors to distinguished Chinese in five domains including scientific research, public affairs, competitive sports, culture & art and the stars of future through the recommendation from dozens of prestigious media practitioners.

This year, Former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Dong Jianhua was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, Chen Yunlin& Jiang Bingkun received “Special Awards for Services”, and other nine recipients of “You Bring Charm to the World Award” were also announced at the ceremony.

Mr. Dong Jianhua, the former Chief Executive of Hong Kong, was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his contribution to Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China. In his speech, Dong attributed the success of the return of Hong Kong and the “one country two systems” policy to the efforts of Hong Kong and the support from all Chinese people. “Walking on campus of Peking University and seeing the vitality of the youth, I feel confident in the future of our country. Our dream of the great rejuvenation will be achieved in this generation.”

The “Special Awards for Services” went to President Chen Yunlin of the Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits and President Jiang Bingkun of the Straits Exchange Foundation. The two aged presidents have devoted themselves to promoting the relations across the strait and have made great achievement so far. Chen expressed his determination in pursuit of the well-beings of Chinese across the strait. Jiang answered questions from the media in Taipei live room and said that he would keep working together with Chen to boost the cooperation between Taiwan and Mainland China.

The “You Bring Charm to the World Award” this year were shared by nine recipients from different fields for their great achievement in science, Chinese culture, cinematic art, sports, etc. The Shenzhou 10 Spacecraft Crew, Professor Cheng Zhengdi from the National Academy of Engineering of the United States and Professor Chen Yu’ao who received the 2013 Fresnel Prize got the awards for their contributions in space technology, macromolecule science and quantum physics. Credits also went to the Donggan Village in Kyrgyzstan, the world-famous martial art director Yuan Heping, the well-known actor Liaofan for their endeavors in reserving and spreading Chinese culture; the Sochi Olympics gold medalists Li Jianrou, Zhang Hong, Zhou Yang and the golf player Guan Tianlang for their achievements in competitive sports as Chinese, and also to Doctor Meilikemu Maisaidi from Policlinico Milano for her medical services for Chinese families in Italy.

Written by: Zhang Ruichen
Edited by: Li Chiyang