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National School of Development celebrates 20th anniversary

Peking University, Apr. 23, 2014: National School of Development (NSD), PKU, held a series of events to celebrate its 20th anniversary on April 19th. Distinguished guests from the government, enterprises, colleges home and abroad joined its hundreds of alumni from all circles and current teachers and students to look back at its achievements over the past two decades and look forward to a new historic phase of development.

In 1994, six scholars–Lin Yifu, Yi Gang, Hai Wen, Zhang Weiying and Yu Mingde–returned from overseas and founded China Center for Economic Research (CCER), which was changed into NSD in 2008. Today, it has morphed into a leading think tank (which ranks in Top Five Think Tanks for Highest Professional Influence of China in 2013) and a research and education platform boasting seven research centers and an MBA school named BiMBA. It is playing an increasingly important role in China’s economy and reform.

The agenda consisted of three parts, including a grand celebration convention and forum in the morning in PKU Hall, six sub-forums in the afternoon and a gala in the evening in PKU Gym.

Yao Yang, Dean of NSD, said in the opening ceremony that NSD and CCER of the past shared a common fate with the development of China. “We are always trying to combine the economic research with national condition to present China to the world and explore new economic knowledge and theories from practice.”

Professor Justin Lin Yifu, honorary Dean of NSD and former Director of CCER looked forward to the future in his keynote speech. “China needs to overcome various challenges, especially the domestic conflicts in economy, politics, society, culture and environment on the way of realizing the economic goals raised by 18th CPC National Congress. NSD still has a long way to go.”

As an integral part of PKU, NSD also embodies the spirit of PKU. Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of PKU Council, regarded NSDers’ persistence and dauntlessness as the key reason why they were able to start from scratch, develop continuously, and become one of the best think tanks in China in such short time.

The six founders of CCER gathered together on stage after the keynote speeches. Indeed it was their endeavor and courage that contributed to the great success of NSD. With the same spirit, NSDers are keen on taking up more responsibilities and building an even brighter future.

In addition to the celebration day, NSD arranged a whole range of events from April 16 to 21, including symposiums, seminars and an alumni badminton competition. Afterwards, Dean Yao Yang published a letter of thanks on NSD’s official cite to express his gratitude for the joint efforts that made the anniversary celebration a success.

Written by: Cheng Zui
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)