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PKU wins eighth championship in a row in PKU-THU Chess and Bridge Match

Peking University, Mar. 14, 2014: On May 11th, the 28th Jinghua Cup PKU-THU (Peking University-Tshinghua University) Chess and Bridge Friendly Match was held at PKU. PKU won the match by the score of 12 to 10, winning the eighth championship in a row in the history of Jinghua Cup.

PKU Vice President Zhang Yan delivered the opening speech. He said that the game of chess and cards had a long history, and demonstrated the humanistic charm. 

"Jinghua Cup is the traditional match between PKU and THU. The two universities should value the tradition and care less about winning and losing." Zhang Yan said, "The aim of advocating chess and cards is to promote the all-round development of students."

PKU Vice President Zhang Yan delivered the opening speech

This year's "Jinghua Cup" highlighted the traditional Chinese culture, incorporating scrolls, ink painting, lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy, painting and other elements of traditional culture. The opening ceremony combined the performance of Chinese chess-playing, zither, tea ceremony and dance, winning the sincere appreciation of the audience.

The opening performance “Antique and the Charm of Chess”

The current "Jinghua Cup" Friendly Match was divided into two sessions, respectively held in the morning and afternoon. A total of 22 teams participated in the game, including the faculty team, the graduate team, and the undergraduate team.

Consisting of 49 teachers and students from various departments, agencies and back-office system, PKU team strictly complied with the rules, and made every effort to compete with the rivals. In addition, all PKU team players wore self-designed T-shirts, adding color to the match.

Attentive players

Attentive players

After the intense competition for a whole day, PKU won by the score of 12:10, winning the eighth championship in a row. By the end of the match, PKU won against THU by the total score of 19:9 ever since the first session of Jinghua Cup.

PKU team

As the oldest traditional match between PKU and THU, "Jinghua Cup" chess and bridge friendly match was co-launched in 1987 by Zhang Xueshu, former vice president of PKU, and Zhang Xutan, former Party secretary of THU.  It is hosted in turn by the two universities. The first session was held by PKU, and till now a total of 28 sessions has been successfully held. "Jinghua Cup" effectively promotes the friendship and cultural exchanges between the two universities. Besides, as an athletic exchange activity between the two most prestigious institutions of higher education in China, "Jinghua Cup" has been increasingly becoming a major event in the national field of chess and cards, arousing a lot of social attention and keen interests among young chess lovers.

Written by: Wang Yawen
Edited by: Zhu Wenjia
Peking University News (Chinese)