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Guanghua MBA inaugurates National Open Courses (2014)

Peking University, May 15, 2014: On May 10th, the National MBA Open Courses, initiated by PKU Guanghua School of Management, made its 2014 debut at Alibaba Auditorium in Guanghua New Building.

Wu Liansheng, deputy dean of Guanghua School of Management and director of Guanghua MBA program, delivered the first speech. After introducing the general situation of the project, Professor Wu showed to the audience the innovations and remarkable progress made by Guanghua MBA in the past two decades, which included the improvement in both teaching quality and research power.

Wu Liansheng, director of Guanghua MBA program

Combining localization with internationalization, the program would cultivate students with Chinese management knowledge as well as a global perspective. According to Wu, the profession-oriented curricula week, which concerned Internet economy, new finance, health care and cultural industry, was going to be brought out this year.

Yao Changhui, dean of Guanghua School of Management, illustrated the profound meaning of “dream” in his keynote speech "The Dreams of Entrepreneurs and the Future of Enterprises". Citing his personal experience, he believed a long-ranged, positive dream could not only inspire the whole team, but also oneself to make further and greater progress.

Yao Changhui, dean of Guanghua School of Management

Afterwards, Professor Zhang Zhixue emphasized the importance of education in his speech. Basing on his sight about social phenomena, he divided individuals into four different sorts, which were natural, social, organized and professional, and expounded three transformations among them.

According to Professor Zhang's introduction, natural individuals transformed into social individuals by refraining selfish desires, social individuals could change into organized individuals by assisting organizational development, and through the process of performing social duties, peoples could finally be transformed into professional individuals.

Zhang Zhixue, professor of Guanghua School of Management

"As one of the first-rate business schools, Guanghua wouldn't be confined to training students as 'jacks of all trades', instead, we aim at fostering students to be innovative masters in certain specific fields," he said.

Finally, Professor Wu answered the audience's questions with regard to admission policy and procedures. Over six hundred people attended this three-hour lecture.

On May 17, PKU professors will come to Ji Nan and Zheng Zhou, two Chinese provincial capital cities, to continue the following open courses.

Written by: Li Ruiqi
Edited by: Li Wenrui
Source: Guanghua School of Management