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James CY Soong launches his new book in PKU

Peking University, May 12, 2014: Taiwan's People First Party chairman James CY Soong launched his new book-- How to Write Academic Dissertations --in PKU on May 8th.


“PKU is the hotbed of May Fourth Movement of 1919 and the center of the New Culture Movement, where hundreds of eminent persons emerge.” Song first expressed his thanks to PKU for supporting the publication of the simplified Chinese edition in mainland.




“Science is not only an approach, but also an attitude.” Song quoted the words of two famous PKU celebrities—Hu Shi, president (1946-1948) of then National Peking University, that “bold hypothesis, cautious verification” and of Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People's Republic of China, that “no investigation, no right to speak”—to verify his basic motive of writing this book.


He thought that the real universal language was not English but rigorous logic and argument. The universal language of logic provided a platform for the communication of different voices, making the truth apparent.


“I am Chinese, Taiwanese and Hunanese”, emphasized by Song, “peoples on both sides of the Taiwan Strait share the same blood relationship and cultural tradition.” He was optimistic about the future of China and youth across the Strait.


Professor Wang Enge, president of PKU highly praised Song’s new book in both practical way and academic communication of both sides.


After the launch, Song had a meeting with PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu. They both agreed to strengthen the communication in the future.


Written by: Cheng Zui

Edited by: Zhao Xiaowei

Source: http://pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xwzh/2014-05/09/content_282881.htm