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PKU delegation pays visit to Taiwan

Peking University, June 11, 2014: From May 25th to 30th, PKU delegation led by PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu visited Taiwan University and Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), and signed cooperation and exchange agreement. More than 20 PKU students of the delegation had close contact and communication with Taiwan students.

On May 26th, the delegation visited Taiwan SYSU in Ganglion and had a discussion with SYSU President Yang Hongdun. Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu briefly introduced PKU and hoped that the two universities could cooperate on disciplinary construction, especially on the marine studies. Subsequently, students of PKU and SYSU had a party and gave wonderful performances. At last, the party was climaxed by all the people singing a song together.

The famous poet Yu Guangzhong was fully involved in the whole series of activities, and presented a copy of his PKU admission notice, which symbolized his affinity with PKU. In return, PKU delegation gave Mr. Yu a piece of calligraphy written by a PKU student, which contained Mr. Yu's name.

On May 28th, the delegation visited Taiwan University. The president of Taiwan University Yang Panchi and other staff had a discussion with the delegation about Chinese Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and the cooperation between the two universities. The two sides signed new exchange and communication agreements.

Zhu Shanlu signed agreement with NTU President Yang Panchi

In the subsequent seminar, students from Taiwan and mainland introduced their society life on campus. Taiwan University had more than 450 student societies, which were divided into eight categories. PKU student representatives traced the origins of PKU student societies' culture and showed the status quo of it, with representatives of WE Club, Tennis Club, Mountaineering Association, Love Heart Society, Yan Yuan Cultural Heritage Protection Association and Chinese Music Institute and other societies doing presentations.

"PKU - NTU - YNU Student Social Service Program" report was the highlight of the seminar. The program report on which students from PKU and NTU worked together included the theme video and oral reports, describing the details of the program and the achievements and reflection of the members. The program began in 2011. Every summer and winter, students were organized to do social service in Tengchong of Yunnan and Taiwan. To date, it has been successfully held for six sessions, with a total of nearly 260 people participating and has served 12 areas. Impressed by the program, a teacher of NTU international office said that "through the program, NTU and PKU students have got closer." Zhu Shanlu wished that young students from mainland and Taiwan could continue going hand in hand, showing the chrisma of youth and vigor. At last, students of the two universities recited a poetry named "My PKU, My NTU", which was written by a PKU student.

PKU and NTU students recited the poetry My PKU, My NTU

Accompanied by NTU President Yang Panchi, the delegation also paid a visit to Fu Sinian's cemetery , expressing their respect and remembrance to the sage. They also conducted a half-day visit to Chengchi University.

PKU delegation visited NCCU

On the morning of May 29, students of the delegation received warm welcome in Taiwan Soka Association. Students of the two sides exchanged gifts. Under the guidance of the Soka Association staff, PKU students visited the exhibitions in the Soka Association Museum and  Li Yihong painting and calligraphy exhibition.

PKU delegation visited Taiwan Soka Association

The delegation also took part in the PKU Alumni Forum in Kaohsiung and Taipei. When an old PKU schoolmate in Taiwan took out his treasured PKU school banner, Zhu Shanlu recalled the history of PKU and stories of Southwest Associated University and expressed his wish and blessing to Taiwan alumni on behalf of PKU. He said that PKU was forever the strong backup and warm home of Taiwan alumni and hoped that they could often go back to PKU.

The delegation also called on the PKU honorary professor Master Hsing Yun. The 88-year-old Master Hsing Yun, though suffering from illness and pain, still tirelessly works for the public welfare. PKU students were impressed by his spirit. Master Hsing Yun hoped to further promote cross-strait communication and encouraged young people to endure hardship. Zhu Shanlu said that PKU attached great importance to cultivating the inner beauty of students and acknowledging students of their responsibilities and missions.  He hoped the students could comprehend Master Hsing Yun’ insightful thoughts and took great care to shape their own values.

PKU delegation visited Master Hsing Yun

The delegation also visited political and business celebrities and entrepreneurs who had paid long-term concern to PKU.

Written by:  Wang Yawen
Edited by: ZHu Wenjia
Source: Peking Unviersity News (Chinese)