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[Lecture] Tyrosine Kinases in Innate Sensing of Damage and Invasion

JAN . 14 2019
Title: Tyrosine Kinases in Innate Sensing of Damage and Invasion

Time: 15:00, Jan. 14, 2019, Monday

Venue: Room 411, Jinguang Life Science Building, Peking University

Speaker: Professor Xu Pinglong, Zhejiang University

Abstract: Innate sensing of cytosolic RNA/DNA warns host cells both microbe invasion and cellular damage, and to initiate counter measures by igniting cascades through MAVS/STING-TBK1-IRF3 axis and NF-κB. Yet, how the magnitude of this recently defined innate immune sensing is controlled remains largely unknown. Through functional screens of proteomics and analyses of interactome, we defined a few interesting players, particularly the tyrosine kinases, in governing of cytosolic nucleic acid sensing. These findings identify some physiological regulators of innate immune sensing and reveal an intriguing interplay between classical oncogenic pathway and danger sensing, which may benefit the development of new prevention strategies against both pathogen infection and tumorigenesis.

Edited by: Guo Xinyu

Source: School of Life Sciences