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[Lecture] Automorphism Groups of Cubic Fourfolds

JAN . 07 2019
Title: Automorphism Groups of Cubic Fourfolds

Time: 15:00-16:00, Jan. 7, 2019, Monday

Venue: Room 78201, Jingchunyuan 78, BICMR

Speaker: Zhiwei Zheng (Tsinghua University)

Abstract: A finite group of symplectic automorphisms of a K3 surface is a subgroup of the Mathieu group M23 with certain numerical condition (Mukai, 1988). Recently there are systematic studies of automorphisms of hyper-Kahler manifolds by Mongardi, Hohn, Mason, etc. Cubic fourfolds are closely related to hyper-Kahler manifolds. In this talk I will sketch a complete classification of symplectic automorphism groups of smooth cubic fourfolds. This is a joint work with Radu Laza.

Edited by: Guo Xinyu
Source: School of Mathematical Sciences