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[Lecture] Aesthetic Capitalism

OCT . 24 2019

Title: Aesthetic Capitalism

Speaker: Gernot Böhme, professor emeritus of philosophy at Technical University of Darmstadt and director of the Institute for Practical Philosophy in Darmstadt

Time: October 24, 2019, 19:00 – 21:00

Venue: Room 215, School of Arts (Red Building No.6)

Abstract: This lecture dwells on the book of the author entitled Critique of Aesthetic Capitalism (Mimesis International 2017). This book provides of theory of capitalism not seen from the perspective of the means of production or of money but from the perspective of the consumers and their way of consuming. The thesis is that capitalisms after meeting basic needs and even extended demands turns to transform needs into desires. What is special about desires is that they, if met, don’t come to a rest, but are raised: This way of capitalism has a strategy for unending growth.

Edited by: Ma Yaoli

Source: School of Arts