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[Lecture] The Concept of our Body as the Nature we are ourselves

OCT . 25 2019

Title: The Concept of our Body as the Nature we are ourselves

Speaker: Gernot Böhme, professor emeritus of Philosophy at Technical University of Darmstadt and director of the Institute for Practical Philosophy in Darmstadt

Time: October 25, 2019, 19:00 – 21:00

Venue: Room 215, School of Arts (Red Building No.6)

Abstract: We are used to conceive of our body as we are seen from outside, from the perspective of the Other, i.e. the scientist of the doctor. In contrast to his it is necessary to introduce a second concept of our body, namely in as much as we experience ourselves, i.e. by bodily feeling ourselves. The second concept of body in German language is called “Leib” in contrast to “Körper”. In English you may translate “Leib” into “felt body”. Now, the introduction of the felt body is very important, because it covers the body-experiences in different body-exercises, Eastern as well as Western. And for self-understanding, in our days, it is very important to have a concept of ourselves inasmuch we are not patterned by the average way of life, which is dominated by the science and technology, in order to preserve our humanity.

Edited by: Ma Yaoli

Source: School of Arts