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[GK Dialogue] The challenges that the global pandemic has brought to the consumption industry

APR . 14 2020
Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program invites you to join our online session on Wednesday April 15. In this session, two GK students Rick Hwang and Terrance Lok will talk about the challenges that the global pandemic has brought to the consumption and luxury retail industry and the venture capital industry from their own work experience, and the coping strategies they’ve applied in dealing with the situation. We are also very honored to invite Professor Xiaolei Liu, the Director of Finance Department at Guanghua School of Management to join the panel discussion and share her insights on the topics from an academia’s point of view.

Event Host: Ji Xiaojun, anchor at CGTN, GK04

Guest Speaker: Liu Xiaolei, professor of Finance, chair of Finance Department at Guanghua

Event Topics:

Topic 1: Effects of Covid-19 on Consumption and Luxury Retail Industry
Speaker: Rick HWANG, vice president, Hongkong Land

With the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, China and the world has seen a huge impact across all industries. Consumption and the retail industry is in dire straights as retailers are forced to shut their doors in fear of infections, but also brick and mortar businesses folding permanently as consumers stay home with self-quarantining and social distancing measures are enforced across the globe.

Rick will go through the challenges of running a retail business through times of a crisis, but also how brick and mortar retailers and developers are coping with not only a recession, but, more importantly a fundamental shift in consumer behavior expedited by Covid19.

Rick Hwang has been working in the China Commercial Property business for over a decade, specifically in the retail sector, starting his career in the Real Estate consultancy CBRE, followed by opening and operating large scale mixed use projects for international developers. Rick is the VP of Hongkong Land, and currently operating Hongkong Land’s China Flagship Project in Beijing, WFCentral, consisting of a Luxury Shopping Mall and topped with a Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel.

Topic 2: Investing in the New Normal
Speaker: Terrance LOK, managing partner, Bridgespace Capital

The Covid-19 virus outbreak has caused much distress among communities around the globe. From realms of personal wellness to financial upkeep, one must learn to cope with the trying times of a pandemic and its aftermath.

Terrance Lok shall take us through some investment strategies on how to maneuver through times of tribulation and how best to navigate through fundamental shifts of our societies.

Terrance Lok is a managing partner of Bridgespace Capital, focusing on cross border opportunities in Southeast Asia region.  Previously he was partner at ZWC Partners and a venture capitalist at Horizons Ventures investing into innovative technologies and businesses globally.  He served as board director and observer at various companies, and had also worked for Barclays Capital as a derivatives analyst, Citi as institutional sales, and Siemens as an engineer. 

Event Agenda:

Date: April 15, 2020 Wednesday
Time: 20:00-21:30 Beijing Time
20:00-20:05   Opening
20:05-20:20   Keynote Speech by Rick HWANG
20:20-20:35   Keynote Speech by Terrance LOK
20:35-21:05   Panel Discussion
21:05-21:30   Q&A

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