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Global Open Talks | Study Online with Renowned Scholars

JUN . 12 2020

It has been months since China first reacted to the outbreak of the disease which would come to be named COVID-19 by implementing strict nationwide control measures, and in this time the disease has moved on to become a global pandemic. Different countries have come up with their own responses, and some are already in a position to begin exploring the post-COVID period of cautious recovery.
Co-organized by the PKU Office of International Relations and PKU Office of Global Communications, the X-LENSE at PKU: Peking University Global Open Talks is an online lecture program which consists of 3 branches - a main body and two special series. The program seeks to provide the public with academic perspectives into these unknowns, or “Xs,” as we move forward.

Main Series | X-LENSE at PKU: Peking University Global Open Talks
Speical Series | iCANX-Talks
Special Series | Peking University and the University of Chicago Joint Lecture Series
Main Series
Peking University Global Open Talks

The main body of this program is X-LENSE at PKU: Peking University Global Open Talks.
This program invites world-renowned scholars to share their insights on the hottest new debates and information in their fields.

Five experts will join the first season of X-LENSE at PKU: Peking University Global Open Talks. Let’s take a look at who they are and what they will share with us.

Thomas Sargent

2011 Nobel Laureate in Economics
Director of Sargent Institute of Quantitative Economics and Finance
PKU HSBC Business School
Topic: The History of Macroeconomics

Xiaoliang Sunney Xie

Lee Shau Kee Professor
Director of Biomedical Pioneering Innovation Center,
Peking University
Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics
Topic: Virus Knows No Borders Neither Should Our Fight Against It

Francis Snyder

Winner of the China Frienship Award 2018
C.V. Starr Professor
PKU School of Transnational Law
Director of Center for Research on Transnational Law at PKU School of Transnational Law
EU Jean Monnet Professor
Visiting Professor
College of Europe
Topic: Public Health, Food Safety and Global Standards: Six Lessons from Covid-19

Zhou Xiaohua

Chair Professor
PKU Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research
Chair Professor
PKU School of Public Health
Topic: Use of Mathematical and Statistical Tools in the Fight against Covid-19

Jaime A. FlorCruz

Former Chief and Correspondent
CNN Beijing Bureau
Visiting Professor
PKU School of Journalism and Communication
Founding President
Peking University International Students' Alumni Association
Topic: Media’s Important Role in Times of Emergencies: Beware of Fake News - Why We Should be Smart Consumers of News and Information

The X-LENSE at PKU: Peking University Global Open Talks will be held online every Wednesday at 8:00 pm (Beijing time) on the following media platforms, starting from this week.

Access through PKU's media platforms

Access through other media platforms

If any of these topics are of interest to you, follow us for more information on how you can attend not only these virtual lectures, but also all the other amazing content being put out as part of the X-LENSE at PKU: Peking University Global Open Talks... like this next one!

Special Series:

Organized by iCAN, iCANX Talks is a special high-tech series of the program hosting an online class, which invites 2-3 top scientists globally to talk about their latest achievements every Friday from 8 pm to 11 pm (Beijing time).

The first iCANX-Talks class was held on April 17, 2020. After each class, the iCANX-Talks committee collects teaching materials from the lecturer and puts together an academic report. This arrangement helps participants better understand the knowledge they absorbed from the class and helps PKU students stay in the habit of regular learning despite the circumstances imposed by COVID-19.

(Detailed information on ICANX-Talks : https://talks.ican-x.com/index)

iCAN | Cultivate Innovative Minds

Together with PKU and other partners, iCAN holds an annual competition called the International Contest of innovAtioN which lets college students showcase their innovation and creativity by giving them a platform to talk about their ideas for entrepreneurship and startup businesses. The competition was initially proposed by Professor Haixia (Alice) Zhang at PKU's School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in 2007.

Haixia (Alice) Zhang

Special Series:

Peking University and the University of Chicago Joint Lecture Series

Many schools are facing the same challenges amidst COVID-19 and have switched to online classes in response. Though it frustrates traditional methods of teaching, to some extent, the pandemic also offers new grounds for collaboration. Having enjoyed a longstanding and close relationship, UChicago and Peking University are planning to work together to provide a series of joint online lectures aiming at bringing together faculty members from both sides for high-level engagement, focusing on important issues.

Through this collaborative lecture series, which will be made available to both students and the general public, the two universities hope to promote cooperation during difficult times and sustains international dialogues even when travel is still restricted. This program hopes to foster understanding between the academic communities of our two universities, and help more people learn from some of the most valued instructors of our institutions.

You are always welcome to join us at the Global Open Talks Series where we “Study Online, Study Boundless”!

Writer: Trevor
Designer: Xu Haolun
Source: PKU Office of International Relations, PKU Office of Global Communications