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Peking University Holds First Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design Contest

APR . 18 2018
Peking University, 10 April, 2018: The championship of the first Peking University Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design Contest was held at the Starlight Hall of PKU at the Yingjie Overseas Exchange Centre on March 31, 2018. The event was organized by the PKU Department of Biomedical Engineering with the support of the Faculty of Information and Engineering Sciences and Peking University. The contest was launched in October 2017 and, over a period of six months, seven teams emerged as the finalists.

The participants, undergraduates from diverse backgrounds, were tasked with developing prototypes of new technology to solve real-world clinical and health problems. Before the final round of the contest began, the Department of Biomedical Engineering arranged multiple visits to reputable local and overseas medical technological enterprises and research hospitals. This offered a valuable learning opportunity for the finalists to interact with leading scientists, engineers and corporate managers.

The format of this contest differed from the standard arrangement of question-and-answer session. Each team was allocated a booth to present exhibitions using a variety of methods ranging from the display of actual products to video streaming. The judges from the Department of Biomedical Engineering and spectators were free to roam around and ask questions of the presenters. Students and teachers from all departments were also invited to witness the final so as to share the participants’ original ideas with a larger audience.

The final

The judges selected the winners based on three criteria — creativity, scientific significance and practicality. The goal of the contest was to enhance the awareness and ability of the students to create innovation pertaining to clinical issues. The contest also aimed to foster the everyday problem-solving skills of students.

Group photo of participating teachers and students

Written by: Kemerly Wang
Edited by: Zhou Yijing, Erin Dunne
Source: PKU News (Chinese)