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The 11th "May 4th Medals for Students" and "May 4th Trophies for Class" Award Ceremony

APR . 19 2018
Peking University, April 19, 2018: The awarding ceremony of the 11th "May 4th Medals for Students" and "May 4th Trophies for Class" was held on April 13th, 2018 at the Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Present at the event were Chairman of the School Council Hao Ping, President Lin Jianhua, Vice Chair of the School Council Ye Jingyi, Vice President Chen Baojian, and more than 300 teachers, students and departmental stuff.

Scene at the ceremony

The awards are named after the May Fourth Movement, a political and cultural campaign initiated and led by students in Beijing, especially students in Peking University, on May 4th, 1919. The demonstrations then sparked nation-wide protests and marked an epochal commencement of anti-imperialist endeavours in 20th century China. Though that war-time history has long gone by, the spirit of reform and the pioneering fervor still prevail and subsist on this campus.

The May 4th Medal and Trophy were set up in the year of 1998, which witnessed the centennial anniversary of the founding of PKU. So far, the awards, recognized as two of the highest honors in this university, have been presented to 103 students and 73 classes in total.

This year's final candidate pool for May 4th Medal consists of outstanding students from a wide variety of different academic disciplines ranging from humanities such as law, journalism, language, to sciences like math, biology, medicine, etc.

Hao Ping and Lin Jianhua awarded trophies to the class representatives

Among the candidates are a math “genius”, now an eminent professor in America, who made groundbreaking academic achievements as an undergraduate, a lab nut who established a start-up company to explore the application of nano-materials, a social worker who has dedicated herself to a long-term campaign raising awareness for teenagers with AIDS, and a great many more accomplished, passionate youths.

The awards serve as a reminder of history as well as an encouragement for PKUers to keep striving. As President Lin Jianhua put it, "The medal is intended not only to honor the awardees, but also to motivate all the students to live out their dreams."

The awardees of the 11th May 4th Medals for Students:

Graduate School of Education: Li Xiaodan

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science: Zhu Jiadi
School of Basic Medical Sciences: Wang Lin
School of Physics: Han Meng
School of Mathematical Sciences: Han Jingjun
Fourth Clinical Medical School: Zheng Hanlong
College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering: Liu Hanyu
Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies: Li Ziwei
Third Clinical Medical School: She Weili
School of Life Sciences: Wei Jingyi

The nominees of the 11th May 4th Medal fot Students:

School of Life Sciences: Zhu Ziyun

School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences: Song Xi
Shenzhen Graduate School: Hu Jiangtao
College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering: Ma Wen
Department of Chinese Language and Literature: Xue Jing
School of Economics: Huang Xing
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science: Zhang Tao
School of Foreign Language: Li Hao
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Qin Chuan

The awardees of the 11th May 4th Trophies for Classes:

School of Physics, Undergraduate Grade 2015 Class 4

College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Undergraduate Grade 2016 Class 3
School of Life Sciences, Graduate Grade 2014 Class 3
School of Journalism and Communication, Undergraduate Grade 2015
Law School, Undergraduate Grade 2016 Class 1
Department Thai Language, School of Foreign Language, Undergraduate Grade 2014
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Undergraduate Grade 2014 Class 3
National School of Development, Graduate Grade 2016
College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Master Grade 2016
Third Clinical Medical School, Graduate Grade Class 4
School of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Research Class

Written by: Feng Shasha

Edited by: Ma Xiao
Source: Beida News(Chinese)