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Taikongnaut Wang Yaping gives a lecture at PKU

APR . 19 2018

Peking University, April 17, 2018: For celebrating the upcoming third “China Aerospace Day” and 120th anniversary of PKU, Taikongnaut Wang Yaping from Chinese People’s Liberation Army Astronaut Group was invited to lecture at Peking University Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on April 13. PKU Vice President Gong Qihuang, attended the lecture.

Themed on “Run towards dream and happiness”, Wang Yaping first expressed her pride of being a PKU alumna, and then shared her experience of chasing dreams. From applying for the Air Force Flight Academy to becoming a female astronaut, students learned how the lofty ideal of a female space hero has sprouted and been realized step by step.

“You will never know how hard the life is if you never experience it; you will never know how happy the hardship is if you never taste it; you never know what happiness means if you never own it,” said she.

Wang Yaping lecturing

In her lecturing on space teaching, experiments and activities, students experienced not only the fun part of space life, but also her description that the earth is not as distant as imagined and the emotion gets more vivid in space.

At last, Wang Yaping shared with the audience her true feelings in three sentences. The first one is she is very proud of her motherland and glad to be born in a great era to realize her dream. The second, the interests of the motherland is above everything and devotion is the mission of all Taikongnauts. “We always keep it in mind that we will fly the national flag in space even though we cannot come back.” Third, hard work makes life magnificent and brings about happiness. At the end of the lecture, Wang Yaping answered questions raised by the students and took group photo with them after the lecture.
Written by: Pan Xuru
Edited by: Xie Changli, Zhang Jiang
Source: Beida News (Chinese)