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PKU Acapella Club Holds 9th Anniversary Special Concert

MAY . 08 2018
Peking University, May 2, 2018: On the evening of April 21, 2018, PKU Acapella Club's 9th anniversary special concert was held at Peking University Hall. Nine groups  performed 20 songs with different styles. During the performance, the students shared their unforgettable memories and feelings about their time with the club with the audience. The great performance was a gift in honor of the 120th anniversary of PKU.

The concert consisted of three parts: “Youth & Impression,” “Growth & Experience,” “Accumulation & Restart.” The performance kicked off with “The Greatest Show,” the highlight of the 2018 Oscar-nominated film “The Greatest Showman.” The subsequent performances of “Wake Me Up” by Wake-UP vocal band and “Natural Awakening” by Vocal Booth were reminiscent of the feeling of young people on campus. Neighbros, a group composed of PKU and THU (Tsinghua University) Ph.D. students, was the highlight of this year's concert. They sang two songs: “Hong Yan (Red Dust Inn)” and “Our Story.” The concert ended with “Youth May It Be,” a song that captured nostalgic feelings for the beautiful campus memories of PKU students. 

“The Greatest Show ”

Vocal Booth acapella group

iScream acapella group

Neighbros acapella group
The Acapella Club of Peking University is China's first student club dedicated to gathering acapella enthusiasts to study and popularize acapella music . The club has not only composed a number of popular campus songs but has also contributed to the establishment of several outstanding acapella groups since its founding.

Group photo

Written by: Qian Kang 
Edited by: Zhou Yijing, Erin Dunne 
Source: PKU News (in Chinese