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Department of Physical Education holds Series of Events to Celebrate PKU Anniversary

MAY . 22 2018
Peking University, May 13, 2018: In May 1905, the Imperial University of Peking held its first sports meet, in which President Cai Yuanpei first proposed that “Physical education is of cardinal importance to a complete personality.” To celebrate the 120th anniversary of PKU, the Department of Physical Education held a series of events themed “Physical education is of cardinal importance to a complete personality.”


At midday on May 2, 120 PKU staff and students joined in the event “Harmonious PKU, Charismatic Yoga”, initiated by the Staff Yoga Club and supported by PKU Labor Union and the Department of Physical Education. The participants expressed their wishes for PKU’s 120th birthday and their love of yoga.

Li Ning, director of the Department of Physical Education, praised the development of yoga at PKU and guaranteed the department’s continuous support to the Staff Yoga Club, in the hope that everyone participates in sports persistently. Zhang Rui, Party Secretary of the Department of Physical Education, said that the efforts of the Staff Yoga Club had promoted the physical and mental well-being of numerous teachers and students, and wished that all PKU teachers and students could develop a healthy and happy lifestyle with the help of yoga.

The basic yoga pose was “Salute to the Sun”, which was created by ancient Indians to express their gratitude to the sun for giving mankind light and energy, and the frequent practice of which might contribute to the fitness of our body.

After they finished practicing yoga, all the participants, together with Chairperson Sun Li and Vice Chairperson Liu Shanshan of the Labor Union, expressed their blessings and gratitude to PKU.

The Yoga performance

Tai Chi

On May 2, supported by the Labor Union and the Department of Physical Education of PKU, the inaugural ceremony of the PKU Weiming Tai Chi Club was held in No.1 Gymnasium. Participants of the event include former executive vice-president Hao Bin, former executive vice president of PKU and Wang Xi’an, a representative master of Chen style Tai Chi, specially invited experts and other staff members of PKU. The event was hosted by Lin Huisi, an alumna of PKU now working for CNR.

Hao Bin pointed out that practicing Tai Chi not only improves one’s physical condition, but also benefit one’s mental health. This could help build a healthy campus as well as a healthy nation.

A plaque, inscribed with “WEIMING TAIJI ASSOCIATION” written by the famous philosopher Lou Yulie, was unveiled. The Club invited Wang Xi'an and other experts in sports, health, and rehabilitation as consultants to offer professional guidance. At the ceremony, they were issued with letters of appointment.

Finally, members of the club performed Chen Style Tai Chi and interchanged ideas about the methods of practicing Tai Chi with Wang Xi’an, whose in-depth explanation and demonstration offered them much inspiration.

A Tai Chi performance

Wang Xi’an giving his demonstrations


On May 4, the swimming team of PKU held a special event called “The Half-Century Swimming Ode to Joy” at the Peking University Gymnasium. As a spontaneous meeting of members from the PKU Swimming Team since its establishment in 1955, the reunion was special for its longest time span (1956-2017) and the largest number of participants. Nearly 80 active or former athletes, coaches, and family members returned to PKU from around the world. Among them were more than 30 people aged over 60 and 10 more people aged over 70, the oldest of which was the 80-year-old Zhao Ruguang. 

The event began with a relay race. Wang Yaohua and Song Shixin were elected ad hoc captains. The participants all changed into the uniform of the PKU Swimming Team. Zheng Juan, sitting in her wheelchair, composed the team song and Bai Fan designed the team logo and the team flag. Participants of all ages were all very excited and participated actively.

The reunion scene of the swimming team

Members having fun in the swimming pool 

From May 5 to 6, the 4th Alumni Badminton Competition of PKU was held at the badminton hall of Wu-si Sports Center. 43 teams and nearly 500 alumni from all over the country participated in the team competition, and 23 pairs of players participated in the doubles.

Preparing to enter the court of competition

Written by: Ma Haocheng 
Edited by: Wei Yunqi and Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese