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Final of 2017-2018 PKU “Top Ten Student Singers” singing competition held

MAY . 23 2018
Peking University, May.21, 2018: On May 20, 2018, the final of 2017-2018 PKU “Top Ten Student Singers” singing competition kicked off at PKU Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium. Zhou Yingchen, dean of Musicology Department of the PKU School of Arts, Deng Ke, a popular music critic, and Chen Xiaoduo, a famous soprano in China joined the event with some other guests.

This year’s competition consisted of three rounds. In the first round, the 16 contestants were divided into eight groups with every two contestants forming one group, and each group would jointly compete with the other groups. The judges gave scores based on some key factors, such as the completion of their songs and the degree of coordination. Only 10 contestants were allowed to enter the next round. Contestants who made to the second round had to fight via 1 VS 1 competition, and only five of the contestants were left for the final round. Each of the nine judges was able to give 50 votes in the final round.

In the first round, Rukanda Dick Abinathanael Takunda and Lu Yi from Guanghua School of Management brought the original song “Fly Away”; Chen Zixi and Wei Lai rendered the song “Love Is Suspicion”; Ma Xiaolin and YCA TRIO performed “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”. The story behind the song was quite amusing; Mxk Group and Ye Hui presented “Medley (Royals & Diamonds)”. Song Xi and Wake-up vocal group brought Tango song “Libertango”; Javkhaa, 
a Mongolia student, performed a folk song “The Night of Ulaanbaatar” with Wang Yilin; Pang Pai, an undergraduate of the Law School brought an adapted version of “Mona Lisa's Tears” with Wang Bohao.

After the first round, the “Top Ten Student Singers” were revealed. In the second round, the battle was even fiercer. All contestants fully demonstrated their talents and singing skills, which gave the audience a quite amazing listening experience. Finally, five contestants advanced to the next round.

In the final round, Pang Pai presented “The Nutcracker” with absolute confidence, regardless of the little problems with the microphone. “The Sad Beauty of Happiness” by Song Xi showed her thought about life; Lu Yi brought another original rap song “Luyi’s Reminder”. Ma Xiaolin also sang her own original song “ZaZaZsu”. ZaZaZsu means “love at first glimpse” in Spanish. The careless laziness and little sweetness could be felt through the song; Javkhaa presented the traditional Mongolia song “The sun of the earth”, which impressed the audience.

After three rounds of fierce competition, Ma Xiaolin of Guanghua School of Management won the championship. Lu Yi, an undergraduate of Guanghua School of Management and Song Xi of the PKU School Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, won the second place and third place respectively. YCA-TRIO, Song Xi, Lu Yi, Ma Xiaolin, Javkhaa, Wake-Up vocal band, Wang Yilin, Wang Bohao, Rukanda Dick Abinathanael Takunda, and Pang Pai claimed “Top Ten Student Singers”.

Rukanda Dick Abinathanael Takunda and Lu Yi singing their original song "Fly Away"

YCA TRIO singing “Perfect Symphony”

Mxk and Ye Hui singing a medley of “Royals and Diamonds”

Wake-Up vocal band singing “ Starry Sky”

Rukanda Dick Abinathanael Takunda singing his original Song “ I will Make it”

Song Xi singing “痛快的哀艳”

Wang Bohao singing “Worship”

Ma Xiaolin singing her original song “ZaZaZsu”

Chinese celebrated singer Li Yugang singing “Just met you”

Pop singer Liu Sihan singing “Don’t know love”

The renowned Chinese soprano singer Shen Na singing “I love you China”

The Awarding Ceremony

Reported by: Qian Kang
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Photo credit to: Wang Yuxiang