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[120th Anniversary] Yan Yuan Qing in 14 Languages

JUL . 10 2018
Peking Universitya, July 10, 2018:

English News Reading is one of the most widely recognized general course classes in Peking University. The course not only focuses on the essentials of journalism and newspaper in the English world, but also provides a sufficient space for the students to fully generate and exert their creativity by making short videos. This semester, 80 students from various departments and grades gathered up voluntarily to celebrate the 120th anniversary of our alma mater through this course. Students very actively participated in discussions, continuously revised their topics, edited videos in both English and Chinese, and designed posters as an introduction for their videos. They have produced fantastic works and The following Yan Yuan Qing is one of them, hope you enjoy!

This video clip contains a brand new version of "Yan Yuan Qing", a widely-spread song generally considered as the school song of Peking University, presented in 15 languages by 14 students from 12 different countries and regions.


Written by:
Lee Jae Young
Edited by: Zhang Jiang