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PKU and IMUSE 2018 Summer Conference

AUG . 30 2018
Peking University, Aug. 28, 2018: The 11th iMUSE conference (known as the “Forum of Communication between China-US University students”) was held at Peking University from Aug. 14th to 21st. This forum is cofounded by top schools among China and the US — Peking University (SICA), Tsinghua University (ASIC), Harvard, and MIT (CDI) in 2007.

The opening ceremony, hosted by two presidents from Peking and Tsinghua: 
Yan Wenxin  (left) and Wei Yifan (right).

The 7-day conference is mainly focused on the theme of innovation in China this year, and iMUSE led several visits to firms including the high-tech company (Baidu), finical groups (91 Financial Group), medical corporation with latest AI technique (HuiyiHuiying).

Baidu visiting

91 Tech Group visiting

Apart from understanding the up-to-date developments happening in China, iMUSE also advocated delegates to feel the traditional Chinese society: during the conference, delegates were divided into different groups, and delegates in each group had a task in which they would visit a Hutong, figure out problems and possibilities, and put forward their insights and solutions within the final presentation in the last day in terms of their discoveries.

Delegates visiting Huashiying Hutong

Meanwhile, iMUSE also arranged some cultural experience and special recreation for delegates, such as Talent Show, hotpot party, alumni gathering event, Calligraphy class, and tradition Chinese medicine experience.

IMUSE alumni gathering

Delegates practicing Chinese calligraphy under the guide of Calligraphy Association from Peking University

The Hotpot party in which the delegates are singing Karaoke together

In the closing ceremony, iMUSE invited guests like Cheng Yu  (the co-founder of philanthropy team Yiqiao) and Li Xining (Student Activity Board, Tsinghua); the perfect presentation about Hutong from the delegates had been seen, and prizes were given to the winning team and the individuals.

Group photo of delegates and the judging board

Best performance of individual winners: Gabrielle (second left) from Wellesley, Selina Xu(second right) from Harvard, and Mike Shao(right) from Harvard.

The summer conference of IMUSE2018 eventually announced to an end, it is looking forward to the winter conference of IMUSE2019 in Boston.

IMUSE 2018 Peking division

Reported by: Timophyll Fong, Tong Yikai
Edited by: Zhang Jiang