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Opening ceremony of Peking University’s Classical Philology Program 2018

SEP . 27 2018
Peking University, September 26, 2018: On 21st September, 2018, Peking University (PKU) held the opening ceremony for its Classical Philology Program at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. More than 130 students and scholars of this program attended the ceremony. Present at the ceremony were also PKU President Lin Jianhua, Professor Yan Buke from the Department of History, Professor Li Silong, deputy dean of Faculty of Humanities and other senior officials.

The Classical Philology Program is representative of PKU’s effort to cultivate interdisciplinary talents in basic subjects. Professor Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, reviews the history of this program. The program initiated in 2010, when teachers outnumbered students significantly. Now, Lin is glad to see that the situation is reversed. Professor Yan Buke stresses that different cultures and ideologies have different influences on the institutional design of a nation. Professor Wang Xin from the Department of Philosophy points out that the Classical Philology Program is never limited to the study of ancient languages. Philosophy literacy and creative thinking are important as well.

Excellent students are fundamental to PKU’s Classical Philology Program. Since 2010, 201 students have been enrolled in the program. Li Zhen and Zhu Zijian shared their experiences as program alumni. Li Zhen articulates that Classical Philology Program provided him with spiritual as well as material support which continues to benefit his academic research even today. Zhu Zijian says that in this program, he not only received professional academic training, but also reaped friendship with his peers.

In the past nine years of the program’s operation, the Classical Philology Program has established a mature system. Students enrolled in the program chose their mentors freely and hold weekly discussions with them. Students also participate in various extracurricular activities such as managing their public WeChat account and organizing seminars.

Written by: Wang Xi

Edited by: Xu Liangdi

Source: PKU News (in Chinese)