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Peking University holds ceremony to set off new recruits and welcome demobilized soldiers

SEP . 28 2018
Peking University, September 25th, 2018: On September 9, 2018, at Kangzhuang 611 military training base in Yanqing, Peking University held a ceremony to set off new recruits and welcome demobilized soldiers at the same time. Chen Baojian, vice president of Peking University, Xu Shandong, vice sectary of PKUHSC, Duan Qiming, dean of Kangzhuang 611 military training base and others were in attendance. Zhang Qingdong, director of Office of Student Affairs (Office of People’s Armed Forces), presided over the ceremony. 

The scene of ceremony

Xu Shandong read out the 2018 Draft Notice, and introduced 20 new recruits as well as 18 demobilized soldiers one by one. Distinguished guests and delegates of relative colleges awarded honorary certificates and books to new recruits.

Li Shenglong, an undergraduate from the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, made a statement at the ceremony. Speaking as a representative of the 2018 recruits, Li shared his thoughts about the special meaning of joining the army by combining his own experience: tempering willpower and faith for his own; taking responsibilities of rejuvenation and defending the people for our country. Joining the army during the particular period of Peking University’s 120th Anniversary, new recruits will keep Xi Jinping’s entrustment towards the young firmly in mind——be able to bear hardships, be good at fighting and be willing to devote.

Li Shenglong delivering the speech 

Li Jingwen is an undergraduate of the School of Nursing, and he spoke as a representative of newly demobilized soldiers. He encouraged new recruits to temper valuable quality of insistence in army and show their own extraordinary character in normal life. Another representative of the demobilized soldiers, Tang Qing, an undergraduate of the School of International Studies, who was once honored “One Hundred Pioneer in Strengthening Military” of Northern Theater Army and Peking University Student of 2017, shared his tough story behind success. He advised new recruits to adapt to their identity change as soon as possible, and bring excellent qualities of Peking University students to military campus.

Representatives of demobilized soldiers delivering speeches

This year, the School of Government has two new recruits and three demobilized soldiers who just came back from army. Yao Jingyi, vice dean of School of Government, said that every year, there are students of School of Government who successfully join the army. They are not only the pride of the university, the school, teachers and parents, but also the proof of the word “ideal”. Those students initiatively applied for devoting for the most tough places where need them most, and finally became the generalists and pioneers of the army, carrying forward the good tradition of the soldiers of the new era. She hoped that 2018 new recruits could utilize the simple environment of military campus to ponder over questions such as personal development and become responsible PKUers.

Yao Jingyi delivering the speech

Since 2005, 113 Peking University students have joined the army, among whom there are lots of excellent models. Tempered by the people’s army, they came back Peking University with the spirit of revolution and the good tradition of army. The ceremony laid two claims on new recruits——firstly, forget their identities as Peking University students and find their feet in military campus as soon as possible. Secondly, keep PKUers’ originality in their mind firmly and become soldiers who have soul, capability and courage. The ceremony emphasized that living in a peaceful country doesn’t mean we can lower our guard. With changeable international situation, only when stepping forward bravely to take burdensome responsibilities, can the young own splendid youth without regrets. The university arranged this ceremony during the period when 2018 undergraduates were receiving military training, aiming at offering opportunities for new students to experience qualities of soldiers and spirits of combat, hoping that in the future they can timely answer the call of our country to join the army and serving the motherland with their youth and faith.

Written by: Wang Xiaokun
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)