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60th-Anniversary Concert of He Zhanhao and the Butterfly Lovers held at Peking University

OCT . 09 2018
Peking University, Sept. 27, 2018: On the evening of September 24th, the 60th-anniversary concert of He Zhanhao and the Butterfly Lovers was held at Peking University. This was the first time that the 86-year-old composer of the Butterfly Lovers He Zhanhao and the violinist Lv Siqing - Paganini of the East, cooperated for the classic violin concerto the Butterfly Lovers. It was also the first time for Peking University to enjoy the concerto performed on liuqin, a Chinese traditional string instrument.

The concert

In 1958, while studying at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 26-year-old He Zhanhao and his classmate Chen Gang composed the violin concerto the Butterfly Lovers, which then became one of the most famous violin works in China. Paving the way for the national symphony of China, the Butterfly Lovers not only absorbs the essence of Chinese traditional opera but also employed Western composition techniques.

He Zhanhao and Lü Siqing

“I intentionally came to perform the Butterfly Lovers at Peking University this year, in celebration both of the university’s 120th anniversary and of the 60th anniversary of the concerto,” He Zhanhao said. “Peking University gathers many outstanding young students. I hope this concert will introduce more young people to our national music and encourage them to create more symphonic works with Chinese characteristics, just like the Butterfly Lovers, so that Chinese music will bloom in the garden of music."

Written by: Nurzat Kaztay
Edited by: Zhou Yijing
Source: PKU News (Chinese)