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The fourth “Intimate Roundtable” symposium held by the School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

NOV . 07 2018
Peking University, Oct. 31, 2018: School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences held the fourth “Intimate Roundtable” symposium with the topic of “introduction to psychology and discussion about our lives” at Room 1206 of Wang Kezhen Building on the afternoon of Oct. 26. Fang Fang, dean of the School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, joined with teachers and the fresh undergraduate students of 2018 of the School in the symposium. The students had a heated discussion on career plans, their lives and academic studies with the teachers.

Activity scene

The attending teachers introduced various branches of psychology and the research status of these subjects. The academic discipline includes the research on organizational behavior related to social activities, decision, management, and consumption, the study on people’s psychological development as they enter different stages of life, the examination of psychological mechanisms behind perception, attention and working memory, as well as the analysis of neural mechanisms of the brain.

Fang Fang attending the symposium series for the third time

Fang Fang shared his own experiences about how to conduct a research, how to stay innovative and how to keep motivated. From his point of view, scientific study should focus on the pumping “why’s” in human society and nature, and it is the duty of researchers to find answers to these questions.

Besides, the attending teachers also discussed on some common concerns of the students, including how to raise questions, how to perceive their academic career, how to choose future developing directions, how to avoid procrastination, and how to define the importance of psychology to their lives. The teachers shared their abundant experiences and gave important suggestions to guide the students and help them solve the problems. 

In this symposium, the teachers answered the doubts of the students with their own perceptions and helped the students to fully understand the development prospects of psychology, to gain knowledge of the application fields of psychology, and to set goals for their lives. 

Written by: Qiu Tianjie 
Edited by: Zhou Yijing 
Source: PKU News (Chinese)