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PKU career guidance given in Wanliu Dormitory

NOV . 22 2018
Peking University, November 20, 2018: On the morning of November 11th, the first station of the “Warmest Employment Season”—“Employment Guidance to the Dorm” was initiated in Wanliu Student Apartment. The activity was co-organized by PKU Student Career Center, the Dormitory Service Center, and Wanliu Student Union. Many famous enterprises, professional organizations, and PKU departments were invited, and nearly 200 students participated in this event.

At the site of this activity

The activity was divided into 5 sections: “Service station of policies and procedures”, “Assistance for civil service exams”, “Face to face with famous HR”, “Consultation and guidance workshop”, and “PKUers where to go”. The heads of human resources from well-known enterprises helped graduates to perfect their resumes, develop job searching skills, and make career choices. Professional counselors offered advice to students who would take the national and provincial examination. The teachers from some of PKU’s departments and the Career Center offered guidance concerning employment procedures, selection policies, and career planning.

HR on-site counseling

The Career Center designed and produced theme mugs with quotes, and presented them as gifts to the graduates. Various brochures and manuals about job hunting, together with snacks and coffee, were prepared for the students to offer convenience and warmth.

The consultation dissolved many participant graduates’ puzzles concerning career and made them more prepared and confident in the job hunting. Moreover, it created an opportunity for direct interaction between the enterprises and the graduates so that the two sides could get to know each other better,

A graduate writing thanks

From November, 2018 to mid-January, 2019, a series of activities of “Warmest Employment Season” would be carried out altogether: the sharing of “Stories in Key Professions”, “Friday-Afternoon-Tea”, “Job Skills Upgrading Workshops”, “120 Touching Moments in Job-hunting” online reports, and so forth.

Written by: Li Haiyue
Edited by: Wei Yunqi, Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)