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Peking University "12•9" chorus rehearsal

DEC . 11 2018
Peking University, Dec. 2, 2018: A month ago, PKU freshmen of 2018 began to prepare for the annual "129" chorus. In this way, they would blend into the new collective better and quicker.

Satisfactory result in the competition requires repeated practice. Students in each department have to take part in rehearsals twice or three times a week. In fact, most students have never been exposed to professional chorus before, so that the training process can be hard as they have so much to learn. Nonetheless, the joy of progress inspired them to keep on practising and exploring the beauty of chorus. To expel the weariness of repeated rehearsals, departments and schools prepared a variety of surprises for students; the student union also regularly offered heart-warming comforts. The chorus competition will be held on December 9, at the Centennial Hall.

the rehearsal scenes

The "12•9" chorus is a traditional education program typical of Peking University. It is an important platform for PKU students to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs and inherit PKU spirit. During the rehearsal, the students can develop a deeper understanding of the songs they performed, feel the strength and warmth amidst the collective, and express their yearnings for the realization of national as well as individual dreams. 

Rehearsal Notes:

“The rehearsal process is like a long journey. In the beginning, no one wants to come. Later, they no longer look back, but still miss the joy before departure. At last, everyone is here and unwilling to leave. Gradually, I found my own place on the trip, made friends with my peers, and started encouraging others to move forward and began to enjoy this journey.”
——from Xiao Mingzhu in the School of Earth and Space Sciences

Written by: Li Haiyue 
Edited by: Wei Yunqi, Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)