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PKU Student Choir performs on the 2018 Beijing College Students Music Festival

DEC . 17 2018
Peking University, December 9, 2018: On November 30th, the closing ceremony of the 2018 Beijing College Students Music Festival and the 2019 College New Year Concert was held in National Centre for the Performing Arts. The first half of the concert was performed by Peking University Student Choir and the second half was performed by the Tsinghua University Student Symphony Orchestra. Chi Huisheng, former vice president of Peking University, and officials from PKU School of Arts and other departments were invited to the concert.

On-site scene of the performance

In this performance, PKU Student Choir brought a total of seven songs of different styles, including "Aurora Borealis", "Lost in Tianshan Mountains" and so on. The beautiful harmony with precise control of the rhythm and pitch had won a full house of applause.

Since Cai Yuanpei has served as president, PKU has strongly advocated and implemented aesthetic and art education. Adhering to this goal, PKU Student Choir has constantly been challenging itself since its establishment, demonstrating the positive spirit of PKU students and the persistent pursuit of excellence in art.

Written by
: Deng Qiuping
Edited by: Fu Wenyun
Source: PKU News (Chinese)