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Peking University holds New Year’s gala welcoming 2019

JAN . 07 2019
Peking University, Jan. 7, 2019: On the evening of December 31, 2018, the New Year’s Gala bidding farewell to 2018 and ushering in 2019 was held in PKU Hall. School leaders attended the event and appreciated the performance with teachers and students to welcome the New Year. The beautiful dance and exciting music, together with funny magic and talk show, had created a wonderful night for every spectator.

Dancing performance

The gala began at 21:00, with a thrilling video reviewing Peking University's achievements in 2018 and showcasing the spirit of Peking University. PKU President Hao Ping then gave a speech and sent New Year’s greetings to teachers and students of the whole university, as well as all the alumni and friends supporting PKU. He pointed out that 2019 will be another year to pursue dreams. Peking University should continue to work together, step by step, to make more disciplines into the forefront of the world and yield more sophisticated and original research results. Besides, Chairman of PKU Council Qiu Shuiping presented awards to faculty members who earned the honorary title of Top Ten Teachers of PKU in 2018. The awarding ceremony of Students of 2018 and New Youth on the Internet in 2018 were also held at the same time. 

At the half of the party, the opening ceremony of the "China Campus Music Awards" was held. The award was jointly initiated by Peking University, China Record Group and Beijing Midi Music Media Company, aiming to promote the continuous development of original music on Chinese campus and encourage the majority of campus singers to constantly innovate. To witness the launch of the first national-level award for campus music, original singers from different campus came to the gala and brought their brilliant shows to audience. In the mean time, the PKU Lawn Band, which has been established for 34 years, was also present in the gala, with their song "Weiming Lake is an Ocean" unveiling their feelings for PKU and inspiring a new generation of music addicts.

The gala, which embodied various performances given by excellent teachers and students, came as an audio-visual feast amazing the audience. Not only the magic show but also the talk show “Just lose it!” had won much applause and cheers. All kinds of songs from PKU students expressed their spirits and wishes for the New Year. Beyond that, PKU Fenglei Street Dance Club and students from Korea jointly performed the show "Attention". They showed that the new era of Peking University is more open and more international, and all the audience had experienced the diversified campus culture and international atmosphere at Peking University.

At the gala
With the countdown and cheers of the audience, the New Year’s bell of 2019 chimed. The New Year’s gala wrapped up with blessings from all the teachers and students, but the new journey towards a flourishing future just begun.

Reported by: Deng Qiuping
Photo credit to: Hutazi
Edited by: Huang Weijian