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Peking University holds the 26th sports meeting

APR . 25 2019
Peking University, April 25, 2019: Peking University held its 26th Annual Sports Meeting at the Wu-si Sports Center on April 20, under the theme  "Developing campus sports, inheriting the spirit of Peking University".  On this day, around 2,000 faculty members and 3,000 students participated in a total of 75 competition events. 

Peking University Council Chair Qiu Shuiping attended the opening ceremony and announced the commencement of the sports meeting.

Qiu Shuiping

Peking University President Hao Ping was also present and delivered an opening remark. Hao noted that this year marks the 121th founding anniversary of Peking University and the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, an anti-imperialist and anti-feudal revolutionary campaign. He expressed his anticipation that all students are expected to develop into well-rounded talents with national integrity who will go forth in contributing to the success of the society. Hao also wished that all students and teachers can involve in the sports meeting and seek joy in exercising and strengthening their wellbeing.

Hao Ping

Every year, the opening ceremony is the biggest highlight of the sports meeting. Students from each department have formed troops to showcase the distinct characteristics and culture of their department in a series of dancing, songs and skits. At the end of every performance, the air was filled with sounds of cheerful applause and excited cheers from the  spectators. Performances from younger students from the kindergarten and primary school affiliated to Peking University won the hearts of everybody. The tai chi performance performed by the faculty members wowed the audience and ended the opening ceremony on a very delightful note. 

Performances at the opening ceremony

Every year's sporting meeting, Peking University witnesses the multi-diverse nature. This time, there were 45 international students from various departments who participated in the competition events, while the rest supported their peers from the audience seats. Banners with the words of support in different languages were held up to cheer those participating in the games and to display the friendship amongst those of different nationalities.

Running competition

Traditional track and field games displayed the excellence of the students and their team work spirit. The competition scene was heart-warming, with students supporting and looking out for another. The Second Mini-Sports Meeting was held at the same time, with intriguing competition events like the 90-second rope jumping, 60-second shuttlecock kicking, basketball shooting, tyres overturning, to name but a few. These interactive and non-competitive games were also popular amongst the students and teachers.

Tyres overturning competition

This year's Sports Meeting was filled with energy, passion and creativity. The backstage members, volunteers and working staff came prepared and were ready to prepare for all the unforeseen circumstances. Students embodied positive values, spread the joy of sports and displayed true sportsmanship, making this year's event a memorable day for everyone.
Written by: June Tan Rui Min
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: PKU News (