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[ICF 2019] What to expect from the International Culture Festival 2019?

OCT . 18 2019
Peking University, Oct. 18, 2019: The PKU International Culture Festival 2019 is right around the corner, with its main activities happening on Saturday, October 19! This year marks the 16th ICF held by PKU. The first International Culture Festival took place in 2004. Through the past 16 years the world has changed significantly, so this year the festival is focused on the future, its possibilities, and the challenges we will face.

The theme of the 2019 ICF is "A World without Borders | The Future is Now". This year's ICF features various events focused on innovations in science and technology, technological progress and creating possibilities for a brighter future. Within this framework, this year's festival includes several new events such as: PKU Geeklab Special Experiences which allows students to interact with cutting-edge technology; the Youth Forum which discusses important issues facing youth; and Wonderful Dreams in the Garden, a fascinating art exhibition focused on the contrast between light and shadows.
Popular events will be held this year as well: the on-campus exhibition, cuisine plaza, and stage performances.

The cuisine plaza invites participants from different countries to present their national cuisine with iconic dishes. Stage performances include songs, dances, and music, which will be presented by the multicultural community as well. The on-campus exhibition, which builds bridges between cultures, will be running all day. PKUers have a chance to "travel" through different countries, taste their food, take part in different workshops, see their national dances, and listen to their songs.

Workshops will be held by international participants. PKUers will be informed of stories behind iconic dishes and be engaged in entertaining activities. For experiencing countries one have never been to, listening to languages one have never heard before, and witnessing dances one have never seen: there is no better place than the ICF. The ICF is a place where different cultures and people create something boundless, beyond limits.

Along with the mentioned events, the PKU International Culture Festival organizes other international events throughout the year including the Musical Academy Award 2019 that took place in July, and a series of activities that will run through October and into November, such as the Geek Star Salons, International Student Chinese Speech Contest, Borges's "Atlas" in Beijing, and Sino-Nepalese Folk Art Exchange Exhibition.

The opening ceremony for the International Culture Festival will take place at 9:30am in Peking University Hall Plaza. The last event for the day, the Top 10 International Students Singing Competition, will take place in the evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Peking University Hall--Li Ying Hall.

Written by: Ani Petrosyan
Edited by: Amanda Hu, Trevor