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[ICF 2019] PKU Top 10 International Students Singing Competition 2019 rounds off

OCT . 23 2019
Peking University, Oct. 23, 2019: On October 19, the final of the Peking University Top 10 International Students Singing Competition 2019 kicked off at PKU Hall, with a packed audience.

The competition is held annually as one of the main events of the Peking University International Culture Festival, providing a splendid platform for every PKU student, regardless of their nationality, race, or culture, to showcase their musical talents and form unfeigned bonds with one another.

Peking University Top 10 International Students Singing Competition 2019
With the theme of “Transcending Cultures,” the annual competition has entered its 14th year. As a universal language, music has the power of connecting individuals and dissolving misunderstanding. The International Students Singing Competition offers an opportunity for every participant to enjoy the charm of music and establish intimate friendship.

The final comprised three rounds of performances from 12 groups of finalists.

The list of 12 groups of contestants in alphabetical order
In the first round, each group will team up with another and presented a song together. After the first round, the list of the “Top Ten Student Singers” was revealed. In the second round, the battle was even fiercer. All contestants fully demonstrated their talents and singing skills, showing the thrilling possibilities of rhythms and voices. Finally, five groups of contestants advanced to the next round. They were: Mak Jia Kee and Lew Di Yao, Stefano Lim, Park Gun Hyo, Ruby Donnelly, and Vanessa Garcia. In the last round of finals, the final top 5 groups could sing any songs they liked in any language. The top 3 of this year’s Top 10 International Students Singing Competition emerged. The champion went to Ruby Donnelly from London while the second and third place went to Stefano Lim and Park Gun Hyo respectively, both from South Korea.

The top three contestants receiving awards

Treated to a thrilling rendition of songs with varied genres and themes, both the contestants and the audiences were having a great time in the 120-minute competition, grinning ear-to-ear long after the competition ended.

Reported by: Kan Ping, Qiu Kanghua
Edited by: Wei Yunqi