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Lighting up Yan Yuan: Peking University upgrades its landscape lighting system

OCT . 24 2019

Peking University, Oct. 15, 2019: Strolling in the campus of Peking University these days at night, you may find changes in lighting along the Weiming Lake, on the Boya Tower and at the PKU hall, which add softness and elegance to the fascinating night scene of the schoolyard.

The Boya Tower with new lighting system

That was the endeavor of PKU in upgrading its landscape lighting system. Over the past three months, the university has been working on the designing and reconstruction of lighting installation in the Weiming Lake-West Gate area, in pursuit of better illumination and more friendly hue in most of its landmark buildings and specific areas. Now the upgrades at major scenic spots, including the Boya Tower, the Weiming Lake vicinity, the West Gate, the Administrative Building, the PKU hall and lawn in Jingyuan Garden, have been completed, creating a poetic and safer campus to students.

The upgrade project, which will be carried out in two stages, was implemented free of charge by Beijing Landsky Environmental Technology Co., Ltd and assisted by Office of Real Estate Management, Office of Logistics Service, Power Center, Campus Service Center and Security Department of Peking University. The first-stage construction is winding-up and will be finished in October.

The illumination design follows the idea of “Moderate lighting with low luminance, low temperature and no glare” based on relevant advice and expertise. By doing so, the design team hoped to strike a balance between better light environment, the protection of wildlife and cultural relics inside the campus, and energy conservation.

For safety reasons, the first-stage construction was conducted in the Weiming Lake-West Gate area that is far from living areas and lower in population flow. The newly installed lamps set along the trails and at selected spots provide adequate light to the lakeside courtyards, unique color rhythm to large areas and clearer sight to building structure with distinct Chinese features.

The PKU Hall

LED cold illuminator with low color temperature were widely applied in this revamp as a way to protect wooden components in most buildings. The designers created a soft lighting effect by upwash in hidden lamps and anti-glare in those exposed ones with meticulous adjustment in angles and intensity. All lights are intelligently controled by an remote mobile terminal, which is convenient for dynamic lighting control in festivals.

A official in Office of Real Estate Management said they were going to optimize the lighting effect and started the second-stage construction at the proper time. For a safer and more elegant PKU, he added, broader involvement of staff and students would be expected in the campus planning.

Written by: Bai Qingwen
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)