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The 23rd Club Cultural Festival kicks Off

OCT . 24 2019

Peking University, October 16, 2019: The 23rd Club Cultural Festival kicked off on October 12th on the plaza in front of Peking University Hall. Over fifty student clubs and associations gathered to allow new and returning students to discover clubs that align with their passions and interests. Meanwhile, members of different clubs also expressed love for the country and celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China.

The festival primarily included presentation of club culture, talent performances g and interactive programs. All clubs participating were divided into four sectors of “national pride”, “strengthen”, “intellect” and “practice.” At 10 o’clock, the performance officially inaugurated with a passionate recitation by the Association for Reciting Arts.

At the same time, presentation of club talents and interactive programs was in full swing.
In the sector of “national pride”, different clubs expressed their best wishes for China’s prosperity creatively. Rubik’s Cube Society made a picture out of Rubik’s cubes, on which “PKU loves China” and the number of seventy were written, attracting a great number of visitors.

Clubs concerning sports and fitness gathered in the “strength” section. Boxing Club conducted an on-the-spot teaching, showing colorful extracurricular life of the students as well as their youthful energy.
The “intellect” sector highlighted PKUers’ desire to explore, impulse to improve, and their diligence in research. For example, attuned to the theme of celebrating the National Day, the Youth Marxism Development Research Association established an exam pool on classical Marxist literature and excerpt on Xi Jinping’s thoughts. Students could further their understanding on Marxism and Xi’s thoughts through this activity.

The sector of “practice” revolved around personal responsibilities. The Legal Aid Association distributed law popularization manuals on site, and provided legal consultation for students. Associations on regional collaboration also exhibited works of local features to foster pride in varying cultures and heritage as well as to strengthen bonds between people.

The image of the youths largely reflects their country. Lively, colorful club culture at PKU represents students’ vigor here. In clubs and student associations, we display our talents, meet like-minded friends, and find our own way to express love for the country.

Written by: Xu Yuanrui
Edited by: Wang Xi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)