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PKU Law School holds activities on National Constitution Day

DEC . 15 2019
Peking University, Dec. 11, 2019: December 4 marks China's National Constitution Day. PKU Law School launched a series of activities in an attempt to raise legal awareness of students and the general public.

Volunteers f
rom PKU Student Legal Aid Association prepared materials for promoting legal knowledge. They introduced the basic knowledge and theory of China's Constitution, such as the concept, status, content, and history of the Constitution, and distribute these materials to teachers and students. The volunteers encouraged teachers and students to participate in quizzes about China's Constitution and other laws. The event also set up a legal consultation office to answer questions from those in need.
In addition, Peking University Student Legal Aid Association continues to disseminate legal knowledge to the public through social media platforms like WeChat.

Written by: Yang Yanfan
Edited by: Wang Xi
Source: PKU news(Chinese)