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Countdown | Peking University Commencement Ceremony 2020

JUL . 01 2020

Peking University, July 1, 2020: While the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic stops us from reuniting on campus, it does not prevent us from missing each other. And so this graduation season is destined to be something different, something memorable. This year, we will present you with the most special commencement ceremony!

Peking University Commencement Ceremony 2020 will be held at 8 a.m. on July 2. Graduating students who are currently on campus will attend the commencement ceremony in allocated outdoor areas within Peking University, while those who are off campus can join the ceremony by watching live broadcast.

Moreover, two degree-conferring ceremonies will be specifically held for the Class of 2020 during the 123rd anniversary of Peking University in May 2021 and the graduation season that follows (July 2021). Students can apply to return to Peking University and attend either of the two degree-conferring ceremonies. For students who are unable to attend neither of them, they can return to Peking University in any of the following years and attend the degree-conferring ceremony.

A Glimpse into the Highlights of Peking University Commencement Ceremony 2020

Highlight 1

Distinguished Speakers

On behalf of Peking University alumni, Zhong Nanshan and Gao Ming will share with us their stories during the commencement ceremony.

Zhong Nanshan (enrolled in 1955) is an alumnus of Peking University Health Science Center. A top respiratory expert in China, he was hailed as "SARS hero" in 2003. This time, he is under the spotlight again for his crucial role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he is 84 years old, he still works around the clock and keeps sharing China's anti-pandemic experience to the global community.

Gao Ming (enrolled in 1982) is an alumna of PKU Department of Geophysics. She is the only female commander in China's eight major systems of the manned spaceflight program. A dazzling Chinese space scientist who has fulfilled her dream, she has aided in China's exploration of cutting-edge space science.

On behalf of faculty and staff at Peking University, Liu Zhongfan and Li Liuyi will convey their best wishes to the Class of 2020 with thought-provoking speeches.

Liu Zhongfan, professor of PKU College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a scientist focusing on the fundamental properties and applications of graphene. He has been finding ways to close the gap between pure science and industry application, with a range of new technologies being developed in his lab.

Li Liuyi, from Peking University First Hospital, is a medical expert in hospital infection control. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she trained members of the medical teams on how to properly use personal protective equipment and carry out disinfection and quarantine procedures. She also shouldered the responsibility of minimizing the number of healthcare-associated infections while rushing to hospitals in three cities to fight against the pandemic for 136 days.

Highlight 2

A Commencement Ticket

That Never Expires

The four seasons of the Yanyuan Garden are visualized with vivid illustrations on this unique ticket. Even if you are unable to go back to Peking University for the time being, the ticket will still be delivered to you. It will be a never-expiring ticket for you to use at any degree-conferring ceremonies in the coming years!


Highlight 3

 9 Outdoor Viewing Locations

To comply with the social distancing rules, a total of 9 outdoor venues are available for on-campus graduating students to participate in the commencement ceremony.

These include:
West side of the Adminstrative Building
Weiming Lake
The lawn of the Jingyuan Garden
The Humanities Hall Square
Khoo Teck Puat Square (North)
University Hall Square
Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center Square
Peking University Health Science Center
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Live Broadcast Platforms

The commencement ceremony will be live on various online platforms on July 2. English simultaneous interpreting will be provided, so there is no need to worry about language barrier. Wherever you are, remember to scan one of the QR codes below to join the commencement ceremony online!

Live Broadcast Platforms (in English)
Media Partners

PKU Official Accounts

Live Broadcast Platforms (in Chinese)
Media Partners

PKU Official Accounts

Together, Under the Sky, the World Witnesses Your Graduation

No matter where you are right now, be it in China or other parts of the world, we celebrate this precious moment with you together! Under the same sky, with the same commencement ceremony, this July, the world witnesses your graduation!

Written by: Zhang Qiming
Edited by: Zhang Jiang, Huang Weijian
Photo credit to: PKU News Center, PKU Global Communications Office