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Wang Xian Wins 1st “CMWA Wuzhou Women Science & Technology Awards”

MAR . 21 2009

Peking University, Beijing, March 20th, 2009: Wang Xian, from Basic Medical College of Peking University, along with Li Xiao-xin, from People's Hospital, Qiao Jie, from the Third Hospital and Chen Yun, from Shenzhen Hospital, won the first “Chinese Medical Women Association (CMWA) Wuzhou Women Science & Technology Awards” awards. The ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the General Assembly in the morning of March 17th.


Professor Fang Weigang, deputy director of the Medical Department of Peking University was invited to attend the ceremony. Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress, China Women's Federation President Chen Zhili, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress Zhou Tienong, Vice Chairman of China Women's Federation, the first secretary of Secretariat Wang Qingyi, Deputy Health Minister Ma Xiaowei, the General Logistics Department of Health Minister Zhang Yanling, President of the Chinese Association of Female Physicians Health He Jiesheng and other leaders attended the meeting and made an important speech. More than 200 outstanding representatives of the National Health System, including the 24 winners of the awards, took part in the ceremony.


“CMWA Wuzhou Women Science & Technology Awards” was formally initiated in November of 2008 in order to reward the female medical workers who make outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological advances in medicine.


At present, “CMWA Wuzhou Women Science & Technology Awards” consists of three awards, namely the Innovation Award for Basic Medical Research, the Clinical Medical Research Innovation Award and the Management Innovation Award.


Edited By: Seren
Translated By: Chen Zhenxia
Source: PKU News (Chinese)