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Parties Gathered to Promote the Employment of Graduates

MAR . 18 2009

Peking University, Beijing, March 17, 2009: On the morning of March 11, the 2009 Beijing Working Conference on College Graduates Employment was held in the PKU Hall, which was chaired by Mr. Huang Wei, Deputy Mayor of the Municipial of Beijing and Mr. Ding Xiangyang made the work arrangement. The meeting was attended by department heads of the CPC Municipal Committee and the municipal government, and chief leaders of the districts and counties, universities, institutions and companies attached to the municipal government.


According to Mr. Ding, due to the international financial crisis, fresh college graduates are under much more pressure this year in finding employment. He asked universities and colleges to follow the orders of the central government and the municipal government, to promote the employment of the fresh college graduates this year. In order to fulfill the goal, the following measures were proposed: first, to further encourage the graduates to work at grassroots level; secondly, to provide positions for 2000 graduates in the communities; thirdly, to provide jobs for outstanding graduates in institutions with research projects of national or municipal importance; fourthly, to encourage the graduates to pursue further studies; fifthly, to encourage the graduate to work in middle and small and private enterprises; sixthly, to encourage the graduates to start their own business; and finally, to provide more aid and support to graduates in need.

Mr. Zhao Fengtong, standing committee member of the Municipal Government Committee of Beijing and secretary of CPC Beijing Municipal Education Committee, in his speech, pointed out that the employment of college graduates was of great importance to life and happiness of the popuatlion and to city development; it was the primary task to exercise the scientific thought of development and perform the construction of a harmonious society; it was essential to the healthy and speedy economic development of the city; it was critical to the overall carrying out of the municipal strategy of talents development and also an important responsibilities of all governmental departments. Therefore, as required by the central government, the CPC municipal committee and the municipal government, the employment services system should be improved, and all the related parties should make full use of their advantages and resources and work together to ensure the execution of every policy and measure.


Mr. Zhao also suggested that the following four steps should be taken in order to create a better environment to realize the employment of graduates: first, to deepen the reform on teaching and education in colleges and universities to improve the employment competence of graduates; secondly, to reinforce the ideological education to the graduates and help them form correct employment values; thirdly, to encourage positive public opinion which is in favor of the employment of the graduates; and lastly, to improve and complete the municipal system of talents market and provide a nice market environment for the graduates.

Mr. Zhang Yan, vice secretary of CPC Committee of PKU said that the University would be more responsible, spare no efforts to explore more employment channels and extend its care to every single graduate student.

Besides Peking University, the Government of Shunyi District, Beijing University of Technology and BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, also shared their experience on the employment of the graduates in the conference.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: Lin Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)