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Peking University Boya Class promotes education of basic disciplines

OCT . 09 2020
Peking University, October 9, 2020: Boya Sciences Lecture and Boya Humanities Lecture took place recently at Peking University. Nearly 1000 freshmen in the Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Humanities participated in the events to feel the charm of basic disciplines. The Boya Class was founded in August 2020 in order to allow freshmen to learn more about the basic disciplines.

In his speech, Gong Qihuang, executive vice president of Peking University, pointed out that basic research is the source of technological innovation. Gong expressed his anticipations to students, encouraging them to carry on the responsibility of contributing to the homeland, strive to be an all-rounded person with solid fundamental knowledge and broad horizons, and face the challenges that lie ahead with good physical conditions.

Gong Qihuang

Wang Bo, vice president of Peking University, told students that it is the university’s tradition to attach great importance to the development of basic disciplines. Peking University is a place where young people have opportunities to demonstrate their talent. Wang encouraged students to cherish and enjoy campus life, think, learn and innovate, and serve the country.

Wang Bo

Gao Yuanning, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the spectacular world of particle physics to students. Gao elaborated on the close relationship between basic science and application. The principles of basic science can bring about revolutionary technologies, and cutting-edge technologies can support advanced scientific research. The interplay between basic science and application has always been a key factor that advances scientific and technological progress.

Gao Yuanning

Additionally, Wu Kai, vice chair of the Faculty of Sciences, gave a brief introduction of Boya Sciences Lecture and encouraged students to devote to the research of basic science. Li Silong, vice chair of the Faculty of Humanities, briefed the preparation that departments had made for Boya Humanities Lecture and introduced speakers for each session.

Students at the lecture

Boya Sciences Lecture and Boya Humanities Lecture are going to take place every two weeks respectively, which bring together academicians and chair professors in the field of basic disciplines. Drawing on decades of experience, these speakers will demonstrate the charm of basic disciplines and their academic lives.

Written by: Xu Yuanrui
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)