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PKU’s First SciTech for Public Wellbeing Project Accepted by Xinjiang

NOV . 05 2015
Peking University, Nov. 2, 2015: From October 22 to 23, commissioned by the Ministry of Science, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of Science and Technology launched a national meeting and invited experts to examine the PKU’s first project of Science and Technology Program for the Public Wellbeing, which was initiated by Peking University and cooperated with Yutian County Forestry Station, China Agricultural University and Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography.

The Meeting

Leaders and experts reconnoitered the implementation base and enterprise, reviewed the inspection report and related materials, listened to a summary report of the project team, and addressed enquiries to the whole project. After discussion, the Expert Group agreed that the project has satisfactorily finished the assessment tasks and some even exceeded the indicators. They held identical views that the project should pass the on-site inspection.

The expert group also made two suggestions. First, state and local government should strain every effort to support the project and actively promote the complete industrial train for the stability in border areas and the development of society. The second is to facilitate the standardization of production Cistance tubulosa (Schenk) Wight (GAP) base to obtain certification as soon as possible, and to foster their access to "new resources of food" directory.

Liu Junyi , Dean of Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Shen Ruqun , Director of Research at the Department of Medicine attended the acceptance test on behalf of the project group.

Written by: Zhang Chen
Edited by: Xiao Yunyun
Source: Peking University Health Science Center(PUHSC)