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NPC Representative Wang Speaks at 8th Graduate Student Forum

MAR . 17 2009

Peking University, Beijing, March 17th, 2009: On the afternoon of March 12th, Session II of the 8th annual graduate student “National Issues Forum” was held in the afternoon in the Press Room of YingJie Exchange Center. Mr. Wang Yixin, representative of the eleventh National People's Congress from Hainan Province gave an extraordinary speech titled Farmers’ Future Directs China’s Future: from the Perspective of Hainan’s Agricultural Reclamation Reform. Present at this forum were: Professor Zhao Liuyan from School of Economics of PKU, Mr. Han Liu, the secretary of PKU Communist Youth League, students of PKU Communist Youth League School, and some PKU students from Hainan Province.

     Wang is currently the chief of Farms and Land Reclamation Bureau of Hainan Province, general manager of Farms and Land Reclamation Company of Hainan Province, and was recently elected as CCTV 2008 Economics Outstanding Person. He has been the leader and designer of the local farms and land reclamation project which is called “No.1 Reform Project” of Hainan Province. In the speech, Wang shared the experiences of Hainan’s agricultural reclamation, and specifically explained why solving China's agricultural problems are vital to china’s current and future development. His insightful long-term strategy, strong determination for reformation and flexible techniques rewarded him warm applauses from all those present.

     Professor Zhao LiuYan from the School of Economics made brilliant comments on Wang’s speech. Mr. Han Liu presented a memoir gift to Mr. Wang Yixin on behalf of Peking University.

     Peking University’s graduate student “National Issues Forum” is held every year around the same period of the NPC and CPPCC meetings. Representatives who have keen insights on hot national issues are invited to make speeches to PKU students. This speech enriches the listeners’ knowledge about china’s rural development, raises their attention and awareness of national issues, and strengthens their commitment to contribute to our country.

Edited By : Cai Ying
Translated By : Zhang Kangning
Source : Beida news (Chinese)