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2008 “You Bring Charm to the World Award” Ceremony Held in PKU

APR . 05 2009

Peking University, Beijing, Apr. 2, 2009: The 2008 “You Bring Charm to the World” Award Ceremony was held in Peking University on the evening of March 28, which was jointly sponsored by ten famous media and agencies including Phoenix TV. Thirteen Chinese elites were announced to be the winners of 2008.


Some of the key leaders from different government departments and presidents of some media attended the ceremony. Also presented were leaders of universities including Prof. Zhou Qifeng, President of PKU.


The winners were people or groups who had made great contributions to the world. Each of them was worthy of our honor for their efforts and insistence to influence Chinese in the world. In order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, they specially added the “Lifetime Achievement Award” which was given to Qian Xue Sen, the founder of the China’s aerospace science according to the opinions from hundreds of media veterans. When Qian Xue Sen’s wife Jiang Ying presented in the ceremony on behalf of him, the audiences responded with enthusiastic applause and stood up to express their respect. Through his wife, Qian Xue Sen said that his lifelong pursuit is to do something useful to people and the country. His deep love for this country was conveyed by the simplest form of those words.


In the winners’ diversified ways of answering questions from the media, they all expressed the same idea that what they had done was what they should have done and was nothing to show off. They all said something similar to the astronauts of Shenzhou Seven: “Every achievement should be attributed to our group, and every honor should be attributed to our country,” showing great humility.


As the honor guest, Prof. Zhou Qifeng gave an award to Prof. Roger Tsien, winner of the Nobel Chemical Award of 2008. Prof. Roger Tsien did not attend the ceremony, but his colleague accepted the award and expressed the appreciation on behalf of him.


2008 was a unique year, and the “You Bring Charm to the World” Award for 2008 was also spectacular. We believe that there will be more Chinese elites standing on this stage to create more miracles.


Attached: Honorees List


Lifetime Achievement Award:
Qian Xue Sen, Chinese father of missile, famous rocket expert.


Chinese Influencing the World Award:

Public Affairs:
Chinese Medical Team in Africa

Middle School of Beichuan, one of the earthquake-stricken schools in Sichuan Province.
Jet Li, founder of "One Foundation", famous film star.


Sports Competition:
Chinese sports delegation of the 29th Olympic Games.


Arts and Culture:
Louis Cha, famous writer, journalism expert.
Yimou Zhang, famous film director, director of the Opening Ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Xiaogang Feng, Chinese famous film director.
Michelle Yeoh, famous actress.
Vivienne Tam,famous designer.


Scientific Research:
Pan Zhongli,Chinese-American scientist.
Astronaut group of Shenzhou Seven
Roger Tsien, winner of the Nobel Chemical Award of 2008.


Edited By: Seren
Translated By: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)