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Vice Premier Liu Yandong visits PKU

JAN . 19 2018
Peking University, Jan. 10, 2018: On January 10, 2018, Vice Premier Liu Yandong paid a tour of inspection to Peking University. During the visit, she gave instructions on the university’s work, sent her new year wishes to staff and students, and had a discussion with faculty and student representatives at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center.

At Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR)

At School of Marxism

Starting from the northeast campus gate, the campus tour covered Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR) and School of Marxism where Liu met with faculty members and students. Zhang Jiping, vice director of BICMR, and Sun Xiguo, executive dean of School of Marxism introduced latest achievements and future plans of their respective institutions. Liu recognized their achievements and encouraged teachers and students from these institutions to keep contributing to their respective fields and bring them to a new level.

After the campus tour, Liu had a discussion with faculty and student representatives at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. During the discussion presided over by PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping, Hao and President Lin Jianhua respectively reported PKU’s work from different perspectives, including the process of comprehensive reform within PKU campus. Teacher representative Huang Yanyi and student representative Li Xiaodan also made speeches. On behalf of PKU students, Li presented a photo album as a gift to Liu Yandong, which contains photos of her visiting PKU in the past 10 years.

Liu Yandong delivering a speech

After listening to reports and speeches, Liu delivered a speech. In her speech, Liu said she was deeply impressed by the positive spirits embodied in PKUers. She recognized PKU’s achievements on higher education reform and set new goals for PKU by analyzing the current situation of higher education in China, hoping PKU can take lead in developing world-class higher education institutions and disciplines.

Meanwhile, Liu expressed her expectation to both PKU and PKU students. For the university, Liu made 5 requirements: keep loyal to Socialism with Chinese characteristics, keep making morality education as a core of higher education, keep passing Chinese wisdom to the world, keep innovating and keep deepening reforms.

For the students, Liu hope they can value numerous opportunities around them and make the best of these resources they enjoy. She also pointed out the importance of patriotism, diligence and social responsibilities. Liu expect PKU students can add new chapters to the Chinese Dream by keeping loyal to the country, to the society as well as to themselves.

At the end of her speech, Liu congratulated PKU’s 120th anniversary in advance, wishing PKU can take this year as a new starting point and keep making contribution to China, Chinese people and the world.
Hao Ping responded to Liu’s expectation by promising that PKU will strive to accomplish its mission of building a world-class university rooted in China.

Written by: Huang Yadan
Edited by: Zhang Jiang