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Integrity, Creativity and Futurity—120th Anniversary of Peking University Celebration held

MAY . 05 2018
Peking University, May 5, 2018: On the morning of May 4, 2018, Peking University held its 120th Anniversary Commemorative Celebration at Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium. Guests from home and abroad held a grand gathering to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Peking University.

The ceremony scene

At 9 a.m., Peking University Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium had been immersed in joy and festivity. Performances ignited the festive atmosphere of Peking University’s birthday.

The celebration version of "The Peony Pavilion"

Tung Chee-hwa, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand and former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi were invited to attend the celebration.

Former leaders of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference were also present at the celebration.

Presidents of 116 internationally renowned universities from 44 countries and regions and more than 130 Chinese universities, government officials, former school leaders, alumni representatives from home and abroad, and representatives of faculty, students and staff attended the celebration.

The commemorative celebration was hosted by Hao Ping, chairman of Peking University Council.

In the majestic melody, the audience stood up and sang "The People's Republic of China National Anthem."

At 10 a.m. in the morning, Hao announced the official opening of the celebration.

Hao introduced the recent visit of President Xi Jinping to Peking University. On May 2, Xi visited Peking University, held a discussion with faculty and students and delivered an important speech to congratulate the 120th anniversary of Peking University. Xi spoke highly of the patriotism, dedication and persistence of generations of faculty and students of Peking University.

Hao Ping

Hao emphasized that Xi’s visit and speech pointed out the direction for Peking University to start the development of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. All the faculty, students and staff members of Peking University would inherit the glorious tradition of “patriotism, progress, democracy, science” and strive to become the world’s top universities at an early date.

Hao read a congratulatory letter from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, also a Peking University alumnus, to his alma mater:

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Peking University, I would like to extend my greetings. Peking University is my alma mater. As a student in the class of 1982, I have studied here for many years and it is a lifelong benefit. Please convey my greetings to faculty and students.

Li Keqiang
May 3, 2018

Lin Huiqing, vice minister of Education, pointed out that Xi’s visit and Li’s letter fully reflected the concern for Peking University and the highly priority attached to the reform of higher education. She also put forward some suggestions on behalf of the Ministry of Education regarding the future development of Peking University.

Lin Huiqing

Lin Keqing, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Education Working Committee, said that Peking University made great contribution to the economic development of Beijing. He hoped that Peking University would shoulder the major responsibility of leading the development of higher education in China and cultivating top talents and pioneers. He also expressed the full support of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee for the development of Peking University.

Lin Keqing

Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, delivered a speech titled “University is the Bridge to the Future”. He reviewed Xi’s visit to Peking University. He pointed out that it had always been Peking University’s mission to search for the future of the nation since its establishment. Peking University has spared no effort to promote the reform and development of the school and has made remarkable progress and achievements.

Lin said that Peking University had become a first-class research university and a vibrant school with increased confidence in the future. He said that the university's traditional emphasis on patriotism, progress, democracy, and science, together with its educational standards of diligence, precision, factualism, and innovation, had been passed down from generation to generation.

Lin Jianhua

Lin pointed out that Peking University had a long and arduous journey ahead and the academic accumulation was in great need with an aim of contributing to human civilization. He believed that Peking University would be able to shoulder the major responsibilities, face the challenges and move toward a better future.

Lin expressed his gratitude to generations of faculty and staff members, tens of thousands of alumni, supporters from all walks of life and more than 40,000 students at Peking University. Lin stressed that Peking University had the determination and confidence to make itself a truly great academic institution.

The celebration scene

Peter Salovey, president of Yale University, spoke highly of Peking University’s achievements in the past 120 years. He underlined that Peking University and Yale University had similar histories and maintained close cooperation in various fields. He recognized the efforts made by Peking University for the well-being of humanity and believed that Peking University would assume an increasingly significant role in the world stage.

Peter Salovey

Qiu Yong, president of Tsinghua University, retrospected the history of Peking University. He said that the faculty and students of Peking University and Tsinghua University had a close working relationship and deep friendship. He believed that Peking University would surely make more achievements in the great rejuvenation of China.

Qiu Yong

The 11th “May 4th Medal for students” Award Ceremony was also held at the Celebration. Professors who were also previous winners of “Cai Yuanpei Prize” presented the Medals to the recipients. The “May 4th Medal for students” is the personal highest honor of Peking University students. It was established in June 1997 and was selected once every two years. So far, a total of 103 Peking University students have won this honor.

Professors and medal recipients

In the following “Congratulations from Peking University alumni” section, alumni reviewed their experiences in studying at Peking University and expressed their deepest love and wishes to their alma mater. They wished Peking University to continue to innovate, lead and cultivate more leading talents.

Alumni sharing their words

With the singing of “Yan Yuan Qing”, 120th Anniversary of Peking University Commemorative Celebration successfully concluded.

Written by: Ma Yaoli

Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)