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[120th Anniversary] Alumnus Robin Li makes donation for the interdisciplinary development of AI

MAY . 11 2018
Peking University, April 30, 2018: On April 28, Robin Li, the founder of Baidu, and his wife Melissa Ma returned to his alma mater Peking University, and announced a donation of ¥660 million (including equivalent assets) to PKU. As the largest single donation received for the 120th anniversary of Peking University, it will be used to set up “Peking University Baidu Fund” for cutting-edge research of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other related subjects in PKU.

Li and Lin signing the donation agreement

Li graduated from the Department of Information Management at Peking University in 1991. In 2009, Li established his first fund “Return” at Peking University to support PKU’s scholarships, international student exchanges, and faculty development programs. On the occasion of the 120th anniversary ceremony, the money donated by Li will support the cutting-edge research in the interdisciplinary development of AI technologies, such as information management, medicine, economics, communications, and sociology.

The donation ceremony was held at Education Foundation of PKU and was hosted by Huang Ru, dean of EECS (School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science). Li, together with his wife Ma, PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping and PKU President Lin Jianhua attended the ceremony. Other representatives from PKU and Baidu were also present.

At the ceremony, Lin thanked Li for his continuous support to PKU; and Peking University would reflect on the past to make more advances in the new era. He hoped that Baidu and PKU could both seize the opportunity to make PKU a great university and Baidu a great company.

Lin delivering his speech

Li said that it was Peking University that had given him mental strength to keep going forward. He wanted to combine the practical experiences of Baidu with the academic research conducted by PKU scholars through the donation in order to facilitate new advanced products to benefit our country.

Li delivering his speech

Zhan Qimin, director of the Health Science Center, expressed his gratitude for Lin’s support for the development of intelligent medicine in PKU. Thanks to the development of AI technologies, traditional medical models have changed dramatically nowadays. PKU Health Science Center will work together with Baidu to make further breakthroughs in intelligent medicine and ensure everyone in China is provided with high-quality health service.

In a warm applause, Li and Lin signed the donation agreement, Hao and Lin conferred bronze medals of Honorary University Council Members upon Li and his wife, and the “Peking University Outstanding Education Contribution Award” upon “Beijing Baidu Fund”. The student representatives who were awarded the “Robin Li Scholarship” put university badges on Li and his wife.

Lin and Hao conferring the bronze medal upon the couple

Written by: Peng Wei
Edited by: Wei Yunqi and Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)