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[120th Anniversary] Know Beida via Keywords: campus life

MAY . 11 2018
Peking University, April 29, 2018: Peking University will celebrate its 120th anniversary on May 4. The 120th anniversary serves as a key milestone for PKU to review its past achievements and to look ahead to future developments. “Knowing Beida via 120 keywords” provides a series of historical snapshots as windows to PKU’s illustrious past.

1. A tower, a lake and a library

“A tower, a lake and a library” refers to the Boya Tower, the Weiming Lake, and the Peking University Library. The Boya Tower and the Weiming Lake are the two most impressive and memorable scenic spots in PKU. The Peking University Library has witnessed the academic glory of PKU, and many students enjoy studying there.

2. Peking University Hall

More than one hundred theatrical performances, film shows, and cultural lectures are held in Peking University Hall annually, providing students with lots of entertainment. The hall encourages original programs, and has founded a chamber choir and a troupe of its own. It also keeps perfecting its online ticketing system to ensure effectual operation and convenient service.

3. Drumstick rice

Eating drumstick rice in Campus Dining Hall used to be one of the four customs in Peking University for its popularity among students. Though having to queue up for a serving, students’ zeal for drumstick rice has seldom been receded. The drumstick rice is now sold in Xuewu Dining Hall and remains one of the most popular dishes on campus.

4. West Gate Roast Wings

“West Gate Roast Wings” is located on the Changchun Garden Food Street, outside of the West Gate of Peking University. Frequented mostly by PKU students late at night, the restaurant is so reputed for its delicious food, even graduates keep going there to savor memories of the old days.

5. Studying late at night

Students tend to study late at night when burdened with deadlines of homework, papers or examinations. When the library is closed and the lights are off in the dorms, FamilyMart and Beautiful Time Cafe on campus, as well as zoo coffee and the KFC restaurant off campus are often filled with studying students. The KFC restaurant is thus nicknamed “Klassroom”.

6. Double degree in economics

The double degree in economics is offered by the National School of Development and has been available since 1996. It aims to improve the comprehensive ability of students and to increase their competitiveness on the job market. It has now become the largest undergraduate program in Peking University.

7. GPA

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a system evaluating students’ academic achievement. GPA is of great importance to students’ future development, and almost every PKU student spares no effort to work on the courses. .

8. 12·9 Choral Competition

12·9 Choral Competition is an essential component of the patriotic, artistic and collectivist education for PKU students. In recent years, PKU Youth League Committee has been hosting the “most beautiful three-line love poem” event in the run-up to the final competition. Such events lead students to contemplate the historical significance of the 12·9 Movement, and demonstrate to the whole society the patriotic spirit typical of PKU students.

9. Top Ten Singers Competition

PKU Top Ten Singers Competition has been held since 1986, and has become the largest and most influential campus cultural event. The tickets are extraordinarily hard to get and some students even camp overnight outside the Student Center to get one.

10. Culture of Student Associations

Student associations have a very long history in Peking University. Founded in 1904, Kange Jagged Association is the first documented student association of the university. There are currently over 200 registered student associations divided into eight categories. When each semester commences, student associations recruit new members at the Triangle, always attracting bunches of teachers and students to stop and watch. The scenes are always in such a full swing that it is nicknamed “The Hundred-Club Campaign”.

11. PKU Weiming BBS

Founded in 2000, PKU BBS (bbs.pku.edu.cn) is the only official BBS of Peking University. Enabling staff, students and alumni to communicate online effectively and instantly, the BBS serves as an indispensable part of campus life. It has 16 categories and almost 1000 boards. In March 2009 and May 2014, Weiming BBS won the  "National Top 100 University Websites" award.

12. Extracurricular physical exercise

PKU uses apps to monitor and measure students’ extracurricular physical exercise. The Department of Physical Education uses rankings and various kinds of campus sport-cultural events to motivate students to participate in extracurricular sports activities.

Written by: Ma Haocheng
Edited by: Wei Yunqi and Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)