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The Commencement Ceremony of the ENN Engineering Building held in PKU

MAY . 22 2018
Peking University, April 29, 2018: On the morning of April 26, 2018, the commencement ceremony of ENN Engineering Building was held in PKU. Chairman of ENN Group Wang Yusuo, President of ENN Charity Foundation Han Ruigai,  Chairman of the Peking University Council Hao Ping, Vice President Wang Yanglin, other honored guests, and representatives of teachers and students from the College of Engineering, attended the ceremony and jointly laid the foundation stone for the building.

The ENN Group and Peking University signed a strategic cooperation agreement in July 2015. ENN donated ¥ 300,000,000 in total for infrastructure construction, research on key projects, personnel training, technology industrialization, etc. at PKU. Two-thirds of the donation was to be used for the construction of the ENN Engineering Building. This is an important step for both sides to improve the research environment of College of Engineering, PKU. Hao Ping and Wang Yusuo attended the handover ceremony on behalf of each side.

The handover ceremony 

Wang Yanglin pointed out that in the era of scientific and technological innovation, Peking University would be responsible for the continual advances in personnel training, discipline development, technology industrialization, and the construction of the ENN Engineering Building would improve the hardware conditions of the College of Engineering. He encouraged teachers and students to devote more passion to teaching and research activities, and hoped that such cooperation would enhance the overall strength of the College of Engineering, cultivate its problem-solving and innovative capabilities, and promote a series of subjects to achieve world-class status .

Han Ruigai stated that as an innovative enterprise, the ENN Group had not only carried out independent research on low carbon energy, carbon-free energy, digital energy, life science, and other frontier science and technology innovations; but also supported institutions of higher learning. ENN Group’s support to PKU’s College of Engineering counted much in ENN Group’s philanthropic history, which embodied its sense of social responsibility and innovative spirit. The ENN Group is willing to be a promoter of technological innovation, a practitioner of achievement applications, and a fellow traveller with PKU on the road of scientific research.

Zhang Dongxiao stated that the most valuable resource of the College of Engineering is its talents, and the ENN Engineering Building would provide a better platform for the college to advance toward higher achievements. In the future, the college would increase cooperation with the ENN Group and further promote the connection between production, education, and research.

Lu Jianzhou, the student representative on behalf of the college, said that after more than ten years, the college had developed into an integral part of Peking University on its road to becoming a world-class university. The construction of the ENN Engineering Building is undoubtedly a milestone in the development of the college. In the future, engineering students would continue to challenge themselves by exploring cutting-edge science, holding the relay baton of the centenary achievements of the College of Engineering.

At the end of the ceremony, school officials, the representatives of teachers and students, and other honored guests worked together to lay the foundation for the ENN Engineering Building.

The ceremony of laying the foundation

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The ENN Engineering Building will be located at the intersection of Zhongguancun North Street and Chengfu Road West, with an area of nearly 70,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive building with teaching, research, and official functions. The completion of the building will greatly improve the hardware conditions for teaching, research, and external communication in the College of Engineering. 

Written by: Yang Fan 
Edited by: Wei Yunqi and Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese