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Meet You in the Future: Peking University Open Day held

MAY . 23 2018
Peking University, May 22, 2018: On May 19, 2018, the Campus Open Day and the Admission Meeting were held in Peking University Gymnasium and its northern square. The activities of Open Day included three parts: admission meeting, information consultation (including admission information provided by departments, functional departments and other colleges and universities), campus visiting and deep-experiencing. 

Parents and students approaching

The Admission Meeting

At 8:30 am, Peking University 2018 Admission Meeting was held in Peking University Gymnasium, introducing Peking University’s cultivating system of undergraduates, diversified cultivating pattern, international cultivating environment, academic ideas and so on. 

The scene of Admission Meeting

Peking University’s Vice President Wang Bo delivered speech themed “PKU’s 120th anniversary: Meet You in the Future”. He pointed out that it was of the most significance for a university to forever attract the best students and the best teachers and provide the best academic environment for them. For the past 120 years, Peking University has been insisting on cultivating young students who possess both political integrity and professional competence, mental health and physical health, the spirits of insistence and creativity, and the ability of leading the future. PKUers have been participating in the thought and activities contributing to China’s future. “This kind of participation has been relayed by young teenagers generation by generation.” Wang Bo invited excellent young students to participate in this relay and become one of PKUers.  

Vice President Wang Bo delivering the speech

Dialogue: The Stories of PKUers

After the admission meeting, several representatives of PKU’s teachers and students carried on a dialogue themed on “The stories of PKUers”. They illustrated the influence of Peking University’s diversified cultivating system on themselves from different angles. 

The dialogue scene

During the dialogue, Li Meng, professor from department of philosophy, tutor of Yuan Pei college, shared his experience of teaching in Peking University after his graduation from University of Chicago and pointed out that it was of great importance to guide students to equip themselves with basic academic training and the consciousness of the existence of problems. 

Zhao Yufei, an undergraduate from Yuan Pei College class of 2018, concentrating in PPE direction, shared his feelings and experience during the interdisciplinary study. “Interdisciplinary study offers me an opportunity to know about different modes of thinking of different subjects, think about questions beyond bounds of subjects, and promote my professional study during collision and rethink.”

Song Xi, an undergraduate from School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences class of 2018, the only female marine escort in Gulf of Ade, introduced her experience of developing various interest in Peking University and joining the army. She said that, after returning to Peking University, she would exert what she has learned and thought about into reality, learn to devote and give, and become a person in possession of both responsibility and courage.

Talks: Leading the Future

During this session, teachers researching in social science, information science, medical science and other different subjects shared Peking University’s talents cultivating ideas and their own ideas about education. 

Zhang Ying, vice dean of Guanghua School of Management, in his speech “How to be a ‘rational’ person?”, pointed out that a rational person should have the spirit of continual creativity and broadening human beings’ cognitive boundary. The specialty of Peking University’s way of cultivating talents lies in encouraging students to try more and explore more, to make mistakes and learn genuine knowledge from these mistakes, and gradually grow up.  

Professor Zhang Ying delivering the speech
The Promotion Video

On May 15, the PKU mountaineering team reached the peak of Mount Qomolangma. The admission meeting broadcasted the short video recording the process of reaching the peak, encouraging examinees to succeed in the College Entrance Examination and reach one of life’s peaks.  

PKU mountaineering team reached the peak of Mount Qomolangma

Campus visiting

This year’s Campus Open Day also has its bright spots. Peking University Hall, Peking University Book Store, and other buildings were all open to examinees and parents. School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science displayed unmanned air vehicles, robots, intelligent vehicles and so on, which enabled examinees and parents to feel the charm of technology. Some national key laboratories of School of Physics, School of Life Sciences, and College of Engineering were also open to examinees and parents, allowing them to experience the research environment and working situations at a close distance. This year’s Campus Open Day was also telecasted through China Network, allowing examinees and parents who can’t come to the campus to feel Peking University’s charm. 

Peking University Hall

Written by: Wang Xiaokun
Edited by: Hu Rong
Source: PKU News (Chinese)