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School of Chinese as a Second Language holds 2018 Chinese Language Competition for Oversea Students

MAY . 25 2018
Peking University, May 18th, 2018: From May14th to17th, PKU School of Chinese as a Second Language held the 2018 Chinese Language Competition for oversea students in Florence Fang Building Room B101. Oversea students from several programs and countries took part in this activity, and were divided into four teams according to their Chinese language proficiency. Different kinds of awards were provided for participants.

Group Photo of the Wining Class

With various forms like dance, scene play, comedy and so on, students abroad not only showed their interest and ability in Chines language, but also expressed their insights on life, as well as their love for Peking University and China.

Some performances which demonstrated China's development and progress caught people's eyes. For example, in the scene play Three Oceans, One Home, oversea students from Asia, Europe and America experienced dramatic changes among China's modern life together. And WeChat Group embodied students rethinking about the popularity of WeChat.

Three Oceans, One Home

Harmony brings Wealth mirrored the significance of harmony to a family and a country. Invisible love reflected students' understanding about "love" and "beauty" through a past event which happened thirty years ago.

Harmony brings Wealth

At the same time, other performances like the UN in the Wedding, the West meets the East revealed diversities between different countries on wedding, custom and family structure.

Foreign students also obtained inspirations from Chinese ancient legends such as the origin of Chinese Zodiac, the Butterfly Lovers and Farewell My Concubine, and further created attractive stories.

Performances combined with campus life in Peking University attracted audiences. For instance, Grease told a story about two lovers meet again in PKU. And songs like Memory about PKU, We Love Chinese Language Story recalled audiences' memories when they first met PKU.

Several performances even adapted Chinese movies and variety shows, International Voice, Be Together and Xiang Xuan is annoyed created a joyful atmosphere, filling the room with laughter.

Chinese Language Competition is not only a platform where oversea students showed their achievements on Chinese language study, but also a chance for them to express their love to PKU and Chinese language. This competition is an evidence of the potentiality of the School of Chinese as a Second Language.

Connecting officials of UCLA, CIEE Program of America and teachers in Office of International Relations of PKU also attended this competition as audience. Thanks to School officials' supports, the competition ended in success.

Written by: He Jin

Edited by: Fu Wenyun
Source: PKU News (Chinese)